Our Complete Guide to Rosemary Water: Benefits, Uses and Cautions

Do you want to reduce hair loss the natural way? Then you need rosemary water.

Hailed as the new rice water, rosemary water is gentle, effective and incredibly good for your hair. It mitigates hair loss and stimulates growth with every use. Not only can you make this product at home using rosemary essential oil or rosemary leaves, but it’s also safe for all hair types too.

rosemary water and volant rosemary essential oil

It’s time to make your hair your crowning glory!

In this guide, we’re going to look at using rosemary water for hair growth. Plus, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to make it, how to use it and the research behind it.

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  • Rosemary water in research
  • Androgenic alopecia - 1998, 2010, 2011, 2015
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  • Rosemary water FAQs
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  • How long before I see the effects of using rosemary water?
  • Will using rosemary water change my hair color?
  • Does rosemary water help with postpartum hair loss?
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What is rosemary water?

volant tea tree essential oil with flowers around it

Everything you need to know about what rosemary water is in its name.

Rosemary water is the end result of cooking rosemary leaves in distilled water for several hours on very low heat and then sifting out the solids. This herb breaks down during this process, creating what is essentially a rich tea that does all sorts of good things for your hair and scalp. You can also use rosemary essential oil diluted in water to create this mix.

Rosemary essential oil - quick facts

🌿   Latin name: Salvia rosmarinus or Rosmarinus officinalis L.

🌿   Countries of Origin: Mediterranean (Asia Minor, North Africa, Southern Europe)

🌿   Scent note: Pungent

🌿   Annual Production: 100 metric tonnes 

🌿   Popular uses: Hair loss

How is rosemary water made?

woman looking at rosemary essential oil in the bathroom to use for aromatherapy bath

Dried or fresh leaves are combined with distilled water, and this concoction is brought to a boil. The mixture then steeps for a few hours before being sifted.

To make rosemary water with rosemary essential oil, 10-15 drops of oil are mixed with two to three cups of boiling water.

The resulting product of either method can then be applied directly to your hair and scalp.

There are also some optional extras that you can include in the mix. Almond oil, dried lavender flowers, marshmallow root and sage leaves are all compatible with rosemary water.

Each addition brings its own special benefits to an already beneficial product.

Benefits of rosemary water

People mainly use rosemary water for hair growth and to lessen the extent of hair loss, whether this is due to the effects of aging or as a result of an over-reliance on chemical products.

Rosemary water is beneficial for:

  • 🌿   Androgenic alopecia aka Pattern baldness
  • 🌿   Hair loss or thinning hair

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Rosemary water for Androgenic alopecia aka Pattern baldness

woman showing pattern baldness

The most common cause of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness. Rosemary has been shown in studies to reduce this balding pattern in men as well as a common medication for hair loss but with fewer side effects.

The effects of rosemary may well be due to its relaxing the muscles in the scalp, allowing for better blood flow to the hair follicles in combination with the herb’s already established antioxidant properties.

Rosemary Water for Hair loss

woman showing hair strands due to hair fall

If your hair is thinning with age, this might be the perfect natural treatment for your scalp and hair. While studies have mainly focused on the effects of rosemary on hair loss in men, it is likely that it can help women with thinning hair in the same manner. 

How to use rosemary water

Rosemary water can be used in several different ways, depending on your preferences and requirements. Here are some of the most common ways it is applied:

  • 🌿   Use it as a hair spray
  • 🌿   Mix it into your shampoo
  • 🌿   Massage it into your scalp

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:

Use rosemary water as a hair spray

woman spraying rosemary water in her hair

You will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of rosemary water for hair by using it as a spray. Plus, you can safely use it on a daily basis if desired. There is more than enough evidence to prove that this mix rivals several top-end hair care products.

Mix rosemary water into your shampoo

woman massaging scalp while applying shampoo with rosemary water

Although adding other liquids to your shampoo isn't usually recommended, this rule doesn’t apply to rosemary water. It actually works quite well like this, and you will be able to reap all the advantages of this natural solution along with those supplied by your shampoo if you combine the two.

The best thing about this step is that you get a long list of additional benefits without having to add yet another step to your hair care routine.

Massage it into your scalp

woman massaging scalp with rosemary water applied in it

When you’re using rosemary water for hair, along with a natural, great-smelling spray and a wonderful additive to your shampoo, you can also revitalize your scalp by massaging it into this area.

Adding this method of use to the other ways you are using rosemary water will accelerate its efficacy and give the mix that much more time and space to work on your hair from root to tip.

These elements are just some of the ways you can use rosemary water. Don’t be afraid to come up with other ways to get that goodness onto your strands. There are little to no side effects to using rosemary water for hair growth, so integrating it into your routines in pretty much any way you can think of is not discouraged.

Rosemary water in research

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

While there is not too much research on the effects of rosemary water in particular, numerous investigations have gone into the general effects of the herb that this tincture contains, all with very positive results.

Androgenic alopecia - 1998, 2010, 2011, 2015

In a 1998 study, subjects with alopecia areata were randomized to massage into their scalp daily either just carrier oils or a mixture of carrier oils with rosemary among three other essential oils. Photographs showed that 44% of the essential oils group experienced improvement while only 15% of the control group improved.

Not one but two distinct studies, one in 2010 and one the following year, acknowledged the fact that rosemary water for hair growth was particularly successful when used by people struggling with androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness.

In 2015, a random comparative trial put standard anti-hair loss treatments to the test by contrasting them with rosemary essential oil. 100 men with androgenetic alopecia took part, with half using an oil lotion containing roughly 1% of the essential oil twice a day and the other half using a 2% minoxidil solution in the same manner.

After six months, all participants completed a self-report in the form of a questionnaire and were additionally evaluated by two dermatologists. No improvement was found for either group at 3 months, but at 6 months both groups had increased hair counts, showing that this herbal tincture works just as well as popular medications when it comes to fighting hair loss. Both groups experienced more scalp itching, though less so with the rosemary group.

Side effects of rosemary water

While it is very uncommon for people to have serious side effects resulting from their use of rosemary water, it’s not impossible. This herb is a mild one and rosemary water is certainly not something that you need to worry about if you’re using small quantities to wash your hair. However, it’s always good to know what possible side effects there are for any herb.

Some side effects can include heavier menstrual bleeding, a mild rash caused by oversensitivity and vomiting if ingested accidentally (although studies have been done showing that ingesting rosemary water may be beneficial in some cases). While these outcomes are extremely rare, the only surefire way to avoid them is to consult with your physician before adding any item to your various routines.

Contraindications of rosemary water

The contraindications of rosemary water are once again negligible and occur very rarely. It is, however, that one abstains from using it during pregnancy, although the amounts found in food are permissible.

Where to buy rosemary water

Rosemary water is widely available online and in stores, so you’ll have no trouble finding it when you are ready to start reaping the benefits. Just be sure to pay attention to customer reviews of the sites you select so you know what to expect when you order.


rosemary essential oil with fresh rosemary

volant stocks organic rosemary oil that’s ideal for making your own rosemary water. All our essential oils are produced using the highest quality plants, ensuring that you get the best possible results every time. When you purchase rosemary essential oil from volant, you can rest assured that the rosemary is grown, harvested and distilled with care and that the oil has no synthetic additives or ingredients.

volant organic rosemary essential oil for hair growth
volant organic rosemary essential oil for hair growth
organic rosemary leaves
volant organic rosemary essential oil bottle packaging for hair growth
volant grey diffuser using organic rosemary essential oil to relieve stress and relax

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

10 €

No1 Botanicals

No1 Botanicals is a world-first when it comes to pure waters containing botanical extracts. With products authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and respected scientists, the drinkable rosemary water from this vendor contains certified natural spring water.


Amazon allows potential buyers to view products from a range of different sellers so you will be able to filter options to suit your specific needs. We always recommend that our readers take note of what other customers have had to say about whatever they are interested in purchasing since this can be a great guide to what’s hot and what’s not.


The global online marketplace of Etsy is also a good resource when it comes to getting your hands on rosemary water. Once again, make sure you read customer reviews to avoid dud items.


Organic rosemary floral water can also be purchased from Aromen, a Belgian company with a passion for wellness.

Rosemary water FAQs

Still have some questions? We may have the answers you’re looking for:

Can you use rosemary water on a daily basis?

You can apply rosemary water as a spray for quicker hair growth and to reduce hair loss as often as you like. But it’s recommended that you use the rinse in your shower or bath no more than once or twice a week.

How long can you keep rosemary water?

The best place to store your rosemary water between uses is in a tightly closed container or spray bottle in your fridge. Do this and your mixture should be fine for use for up to two weeks.

Do you rinse out rosemary water?

Whether you are using your rosemary water as a cleansing rinse, a treatment to enhance shine, or one to combat hair loss and scalp irritation, for best results, you should not rinse it out. This mixture does its magic over time, so leaving it on your strands and scalp is the best way to use it.

How long before I see the effects of using rosemary water?

While it is by no means a magical overnight treatment, you should begin to see results in a relatively short period of time. Clinical trials have shown that just six months after initiating use people enjoy visible benefits.

Will using rosemary water change my hair color?

Certain people have reported that regular use of rosemary water has significantly darkened gray hairs. But this is not the main reason it is so popular. Its primary purpose is the promotion of a healthy head of hair, with reduced shedding and improved circulation resulting in faster growth.

Does rosemary water help with postpartum hair loss?

Women’s hair can grow really thick during pregnancy - and then fall out in chunks afterward! No studies have been done on using rosemary water for postpartum hair loss, so we don’t know whether it helps. However, it can’t hurt to try! And if you do try it, please let us know so we can spread the word!

In summary

As more and more people discover its many benefits, rosemary water is increasingly being used by people all over the world to increase their hair’s shine, growth and manageability while lessening hair loss. If you are considering giving rosemary water a try, be sure to choose the most reputable supplier you can. At volant, you’ll receive products of only the highest quality to reap the benefits that only pure, organic essential oils can deliver. We’re also happy to help if you have any further questions about rosemary water and its benefits and drawbacks. Feel free to contact us at support@volantaroma.com and chat to a friendly agent more than willing to help.

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