Volant and Mint: A match made in heaven

At Volant, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with top Dutch interior design company Mint Interieur. Mint’s clean, calm, chic approach to spaces perfectly aligns with Volant’s approach to design and wellness.

Volant and Mint: A match made in heaven

Our common goal is to add value to your environment through a shared respect and admiration for craftsmanship, quality and sustainability.


Leaders in design and technology

Mint Interieur is passionate about creating amazing spaces using the most modern interior design styles, tools and technology. As Mint aptly phrases it, ‘We like to give your space character.’ From idea to realisation, Mint’s designers and craftsmen ensure the most beautiful interiors are brought to life, as sustainably as possible.

Volant embodies modern and minimalist Scandinavian design principles to create natural and sustainable wellness products. Obsessed with detail and purpose, our team has designed a handmade diffuser that is as effective as it is elegant - the perfect stylish yet functional piece of decor. Every diffuser is unique, conceptualised to bring people together, help them write their own stories and create memories.

At Volant and Mint, we have a shared sense of pride in traditional handicraft, adopting modern design principles of creating timeless and functional spaces and products.


A meeting of minds

Karakter and volant diffuser

Mint understands how important scent is to evoke memories and create a narrative. They have gone the extra mile to create their very own special scent entitled Karakter. This scent, along with one of Volant’s stone diffusers, is gifted to each client upon a project’s completion, enabling the client to bring their own story to life.

Bonded through craftsmanship and quality, Volant is delighted to be collaborating with like-minded professionals who approach their work with the same kind of attention and care as we do.

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