Germany's Best Home Influencer Awards

Who are the hottest German home influencers? Who deserves an award for their incredible accounts? And who should you be following online? Get ready to find out - because we’ve rounded up the top German home influencers that are giving us the home decor inspiration we need.

As a leading purveyor of diffusers that complement home aesthetics and 100% pure organic essential oils, it makes sense that Volant has created its own Germany's  Best Home Influencer Awards. Not only are we acknowledging the top contender in Germany overall, but we’re also recognising influencers that are doing the most for home décor aesthetics in each of the following categories:

Categories/Quick links

  • Small (Less than 25,000 followers)
  • Medium (25,000 -100,000 followers)
  • Large (100,000+ followers)
  • DIY Home
  • Minimalistic
  • Sustainable
  • Vintage

We’ve chosen the list of nominees based on the quality of their content, commitment to sustainability and audience reach. Ranging from minimalist homes, right through to the DIYers, our awards recognise the German influencers that have made a tremendous contribution to the industry.


The rising stars of the home interior world, these influencers are growing their reach by sharing home décor inspiration, DIY tips and so much more. These are the up-and-coming home inspiration trendsetters to watch.

1. anna

Instagram Handle:  @villawalther
Instagram Followers:  13,000

2. Eva-Maria Fabian

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  10,100

3. Handtextileria® l Embroidery Artist

Instagram Handle: @handtextileria
Instagram Followers: 19,000

4. Silke Wiebusch

Instagram Handle:  @sissi.dekomaus
Instagram Followers:  16,300

5. j u l i a ▪ 34 ▪ niederbayern

Instagram Handle: @fraeulein_bunterkunt
Instagram Followers: 20,000


Instagram Handle:  @nordic.manor
Instagram Followers:  10,900

7. Katharina Essigkrug

Instagram Handle:  @katharinaessigkrug
Instagram Followers:  13,200

8. Kathrin - Mum - Widow - 🇩🇪

Instagram Handle:  @friedolinundpippilotta
Instagram Followers:  15,300

9. Meli & Cooper

Instagram Handle:  @fraeuleinlampe
Instagram Followers:  12,300

10. Yasmin Tamara Mevissen

Instagram Handle:  @achtgrad
Instagram Followers:  16,500

11. ♡ 🄻🄾🄻🄰 ♡

Instagram Handle:  @living.bylola
Instagram Followers:  10,500

12. Kirsten

Instagram Handle:  @mylittlewhitegreyhome
Instagram Followers:  10,600

13. Swantje

Instagram Handle:  @dekogefluester
Instagram Followers:  19,300

14. Silvia

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  12,000

15. Heike Niemoeller

Instagram Handle:  @relleomein
Instagram Followers:  17,800

16. Laura & Daniel

Instagram Handle:  @thekindofliving_
Instagram Followers:  16,000

17. Sandra - wohnliebelei ♡

Instagram Handle: @wohnliebelei
Instagram Followers: 17,800

18. Tilly Makramee

Instagram Handle:  @bohemian_dreamy
Instagram Followers:  14,800

19. 🌸 Roswitha 🌸

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  12,900

20. 𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓮 | M a m a 🌿

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  13,500


Instagram Handle:  @mamaswahnsinn
Instagram Followers:  13,300

22. Herzallerliebst

Instagram Handle:  @herzallerliebsteideen
Instagram Followers:  14,600

23. Kim Donato

Instagram Handle:  @kim.donato.official
Instagram Followers:  15,100

24. DaniELA

Instagram Handle:  @danisheimathafen
Instagram Followers:  15,500

25. Landhaushygge

Instagram Handle:  @landhaushygge
Instagram Followers:  16,500

26. 💞 ᒪIᘔᗩ

Instagram Handle:  @_die.liza.li_
Instagram Followers:  20,000

27. ☆ Bianca Schiller ☆

Instagram Handle: @nordstern4
Instagram Followers: 19,400

28. Sophie

Instagram Handle:  @sophies.mamaglueck
Instagram Followers:  17,700


From modern home interiors to home organizing and décor, these influencers are setting trends and helping their followers to incorporate them. They’ve got great quality content that’s kept current.

1. Love The Beautiful Things 💕

Instagram Handle: @interioroverdose
Instagram Followers: 25,700

2. Meike Rasmusson

Instagram Handle: @frau_rasmusson
Instagram Followers: 40,800

3. Vroni

Instagram Handle:  @vronis.home
Instagram Followers:  27,400

4. Micha & Toby

Instagram Handle: @wuid.flauschig
Instagram Followers: 31,000

 5. Tausendschoen Birgit

Instagram Handle: @x.tausendschoen.x
Instagram Followers: 46,200

6. Andrea - Expertin für gemütliches Wohnen

Instagram Handle:  @myherzenshaus
Instagram Followers:  93,700

7. Seaside-Cottage-Blog | Beate

Instagram Handle: @seasidecottage_blog
Instagram Followers: 28,000

8. Interior | Fashion | Lifestyle

Instagram Handle:  @helen_in_style
Instagram Followers:  40,700


Instagram Handle:  @mrs_eirich
Instagram Followers:  22,900

10. Sofies Traum

Instagram Handle: @sofies_traum_floristin
Instagram Followers: 30,000

11. C A R E N

Instagram Handle:  @carenslittleworld
Instagram Followers:  35,700

12. BARBARA | hello Mom Stuff 👌🏻

Instagram Handle: @_babsi_ba
Instagram Followers: 43,600

13. Karin

Instagram Handle: @karins_landhaus
Instagram Followers: 30,500

14. Christiane

Instagram Handle:  @liebhaberstuecke_by_christiane
Instagram Followers:  28,800


Home décor influencers in this category have made a huge impression with their incredible up-to-date content. Featuring everything from home décor ideas to sustainable home inspiration, they always deliver something fresh.

1. Tina Ullmann

Instagram Handle: @tinas_homeandgarden
Instagram Followers: 131,000

2. Christel

Instagram Handle: @pomponetti
Instagram Followers: 112,000

3. Sebastian & Julia

Instagram Handle:  @stillers.home
Instagram Followers:  127,000

4. clara charismatic

Instagram Handle: @maychamber_living
Instagram Followers: 101,000

5. Evi

Instagram Handle:  @dekohus
Instagram Followers:  299,000


Instagram Handle: @interiorbyela_
Instagram Followers: 140,000

7. Ilona

Instagram Handle: @interior_mypassion
Instagram Followers: 109,000

8. Kim • Home • Garden • DIY

Instagram Handle:  @hausklamotte
Instagram Followers:  132,000

9. Juliane

Instagram Handle: @lovelyhomecouture
Instagram Followers: 124,000

DIY Home

From DIY décor to home renovation ideas, there’s no shortage of do-it-yourself inspiration online. The DIY home influencers who top this list not only feature great ideas, but they also provide easy-to-follow instructions and how-tos.

1. DIY und Wohnideen 💛

Instagram Handle: @sammydemmy
Instagram Followers: 31,100

2. anna

Instagram Handle: @leavesandbutterflies
Instagram Followers: 32,200

3. Anna-Lena

Instagram Handle: @house.no1
Instagram Followers: 43,500

4. Susan

Instagram Handle: @hej.susan
Instagram Followers: 24,400

5. Ruth

Instagram Handle: @wohnraum8
Instagram Followers: 37,700

6. Yvonne Skowronek | Kids DIY

Instagram Handle: @skoy_me
Instagram Followers: 29,400

7. Eni✨ DIY • Makramee • Pflanzen

Instagram Handle: @yeah_handmade
Instagram Followers: 76,900

8. Susanne | DekoideenReich

Instagram Handle:  @dekoideenreich
Instagram Followers:  48,700


Instagram Handle: @grasshopper_laura
Instagram Followers: 26,600

10. EVI | diy & crafts

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers: 24,400

11. Daniela | DIY | DEKO | FOTOGRAFIE

Instagram Handle: @klickerkram
Instagram Followers: 16,800

12. Jasmin

Instagram Handle: @fraeullein_jasmin
Instagram Followers: 24,100

13. Melinda 🍃 Deko & Diy 🍃

Instagram Handle: @melas_naturatelier
Instagram Followers: 14,100

14.  ~Sabrina~

Instagram Handle: @_home_77
Instagram Followers: 10,200

15. PrinzessinNessa

Instagram Handle: @prinzessinnessa
Instagram Followers: 13,200

16. Juli

Instagram Handle: @scandify_your_life
Instagram Followers: 17,000

17. ❥ Lidia

Instagram Handle: @haeuschenliebe
Instagram Followers: 36,600

18. Sinem

Instagram Handle: @bysiinoo
Instagram Followers: 27,000

19. 🤍Doris 🤍

Instagram Handle: @doris_liebt_deko
Instagram Followers: 22,600


In an increasingly cluttered world, a minimalist home is something many people aspire to. The top influencers in this category provide ample inspiration for minimalist home décor that’s on trend and fabulously functional.

1. Saskia | 36 | Interiorlover

Instagram Handle: @madame.roth
Instagram Followers: 22,500

2. N i n a

Instagram Handle:  @casa.koppenburg
Instagram Followers:  43,000

3. _wohnen_in_schwarzweiß

Instagram Handle: @_wohnen_in_schwarzweiss
Instagram Followers: 26,100

4. sandra | interior

Instagram Handle:  @karlas_view
Instagram Followers:  60,600

5. Janina

Instagram Handle: @couchgezwitscher
Instagram Followers: 24,900

6. Lisa Erhart

Instagram Handle: @grauschwarzliebe
Instagram Followers: 51,700

7. Alina

Instagram Handle: @aboutthe_home
Instagram Followers: 14,600

8. Vanessa

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers: 62,800

9. Villa Glückskind

Instagram Handle:  @villaglueckskind
Instagram Followers:  26,300

10. Sabrina

Instagram Handle: @sweet_home_sabrina
Instagram Followers: 11,200


Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers: 11,200

12. c a s a _ a m i g i

Instagram Handle: @casaamigi
Instagram Followers: 35,200

13. Christina Prell 

Instagram Handle: @christinaprell
Instagram Followers: 54,700

14. Nina

Instagram Handle: @bewohnt
Instagram Followers: 10,500

15. jule 🌝

Instagram Handle: @birchcrib
Instagram Followers: 10,700

16. Anja | Modern Scandi Interior

Instagram Handle:  @wohnweise
Instagram Followers:  27,900

17. Betül

Instagram Handle:  @betuelshome
Instagram Followers:  34,100

18. Carrie 🌿 

Instagram Handle: @einmalmitprofis
Instagram Followers: 10,200

19. Martina

Instagram Handle: @herzallerliebste_wohnideen
Instagram Followers: 21,600

20. Julia | mammilade

Instagram Handle: @mammilade
Instagram Followers: 16,800


Sustainability never goes out of style, and it’s not just about design choices, it’s a complete lifestyle. From sustainable home renovation to interior home décor, these eco-conscious influencers stand out from the crowd.

1. Tina und Lotte

Instagram Handle:  @landhauslottchen
Instagram Followers:  14,600

2. Imke Riedebusch

Instagram Handle: @imkeriedebusch
Instagram Followers: 17,700

3. Yvonne König

Instagram Handle: @villa_koenig
Instagram Followers: 25,600

4. Heike Reimer

Instagram Handle:  @nostaloma1
Instagram Followers:  18,300

5. Lea

Instagram Handle: @mamahoch.fuenf
Instagram Followers: 20,900


Instagram Handle:  @piamisuu
Instagram Followers:  13,300

7. Cathy

Instagram Handle: @moseltraum20
Instagram Followers: 21,100

8. Manuela 🐽🍃🌸

Instagram Handle: @waldstrumpf
Instagram Followers: 12,000


The vintage trend has been fashionable for a while now, and it keeps on growing. These influencers are leading the way with their incredible home interior ideas that focus on incorporating items from older eras.

1. • F A B I A N A •

Instagram Handle: @faby.fabulous
Instagram Followers: 15,500

2. Julia Ballmaier

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  12,200

3. Miry | Villa Magnolia

Instagram Handle:  @magnolian_pigment
Instagram Followers:  31,300

4. Miriam Seixas

Instagram Handle:  @frau.kieselstein
Instagram Followers:  22,900

5. Mehtap

Instagram Handle: @mehtap.k17
Instagram Followers: 11,900

Germany’s trendsetting influencers lead the way

We’re spending more time at home than ever before, which means that the demand for home design advice has skyrocketed. The influencers with the most clout in home renovation in Germany have all been recognised by our awards. These top influencers curate beautiful spaces and engage with their followers directly, discussing everything from styling advice to DIY do’s and don’ts.

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