Designed to scent your indoor space with essential oils to help you feel more energy, awareness, calm and rest, all at the touch of a button.

Like scented candles, it makes your home smell wonderful. Unlike scented candles, it does it in a natural and healthy way.



Scents your
100% natural without chemicals
Looks like a piece
of art
Health benefits (sleep, energy, stress)

Remove chemicals from your life

An average scented candle burns chemicals for 35 hours. One bottle of Volant Essential Oil scents your home for 200+ hours with a 100% natural and fresh aroma.

Essential oils have documented health benefits that artificial products like scented candles and reed diffusers don't have.

The Volant Diffuser is made to scent your space every day all year in a budget-friendly way. Fill your home with 100% pure essential oils to calm down or feel more energy.

Certified organic
and vegan

Cruelty free and
sustainable production

Free Delivery
in 2-5 Days

2-year warranty


What is a diffuser?

Diffusers create the same refreshing feeling as standing next to a waterfall while scenting the air you breathe with essential oils. Enjoy the 100% natural benefits of essential oils in a simple way. Essential oils are extracted directly from plants and fruits and have a fresh and floral aroma.


We are confident that you’ll love the Volant Diffuser. Try it for 60 days in your home, and in the unlikely event that you want to return it, we offer a free return and a full refund - no questions asked.

How does our diffuser work?

There is a small ceramic plate inside every diffuser that creates a cool, odourless water mist when vibrating, just like the steam around a waterfall. This vibration breaks the essential oils into tiny particles, and the diffuser spreads this fine vapour with essential oil and water into the air so you easily can freshen up your home.

Volant™ is a Scandinavian brand that makes high-quality products with long-lasting impacts on our customer's wellness.

Why use a Volant Diffuser?

Our diffuser has a Scandinavian minimalist design and is handmade out of high-quality porcelain. It helps you bring nature's rich benefits into your home, office or anywhere else. If you need more rest, sleep, energy or focus, our diffuser and Volant essential oil blends will help you with that.