Kan eteriske søvn-oljer
hjelpe deg å sove bedre?

Can Essential Sleep Oils Help You Sleep Better?

Do you recognize yourself...

Have you ever found yourself waking up later than you should, tired and tired in every fiber of your body?

Groggy, unfocused and already irritated?

The morning hours...

...which should really be nice...

...end in an all-too-recognizable chaos of stress, bad time, hustle, running to the bus, track, car queues, kindergarten, work...

...and the crowning glory...

…that this golden streak of unnecessary negative side effects effectively propagates itself in everything you take that day—only because you decided—to sleep poorly?

Staying focused throughout the day is like trying to grab water with your hands.

Focus and efficiency at work are just rubbish, the brain... has zoned out a long time ago and the tasks pile up.

Worst of all?

This is just the beginning.

The training is one big drudgery, it almost doesn't make sense that you went at all.

And the dinner. The one that was supposed to be a pleasant celebration of life, the couple's relationship, the parenting role, the friendship...

Didn't turn out to be quite so pleasant.

You know it as well as I do: the consequences of poor sleep extend WAY beyond the annoying feeling of being tired and unprepared when you reluctantly stumble out of bed...

If you sleep poorly, you are guaranteed to live far below your potential that day (and all subsequent ones) while elegantly inviting in a whole bunch of debilitating long-term health problems that could have been avoided.

The positive…

...whether you improve your sleep quality—even just a little—it automatically becomes MUCH easier and more enjoyable to be you.

It's simply the FASTEST (and undoubtedly most pleasant) route to the best version of yourself...

Better sleep boosts self-confidence.

Better sleep naturally helps you maintain weight.

Better sleep elevates all aspects of life to a new level.

Better sleep prompts you to take more action on important matters.

Simply put, better sleep makes you a richer person and gives you the opportunity to show your best self to everyone you meet.

Ever heard the saying:

"It is not the amount of years in your life, but the life in your years that counts,"

When we boil down what better sleep actually provides...

It's precisely this...

More life; to the days, weeks, months, years.More vitality, joy, energy, resilience, brain capacity, capacity for caring...

We could go on endlessly listing things, but we don't need to.

You know it.

You've woken up after a magical night's sleep many, many times...

Isn't it wonderful?

Doesn't the day become incredibly better than the days when you sleep poorly?

Wouldn't it be lovely to have more of those days where you wake up after a truly good night's sleep and your battery is so fully charged that it's almost overflowing?

So you can handle breakfast, packed lunch, the bus, the conversation, the deadline, the appointment with ease... yes, everything suddenly becomes a breeze.

It's possible...

And of course...

When you sleep better, you get faster results from all your workouts, a quicker brain, better memory, a healthier, slimmer, sexier body, and a MUCH more enjoyable sex life.

Better sleep is simply the "thing" you can invest in that gives you the MOST energy and vitality back, allowing you to accomplish more of what you need to do and actually want to spend the precious days of your life on.

In the absence of anything smarter to say: Good sleep is one of the greatest gifts you can give to everyone you care about.

Put another way...

If you crack the sleep code...
you win BIG


Do you wish it were a little easier to sleep better?

That you wake up more often with more energy and surplus?

I thought so.

So what can we do to increase the quality of our sleep a little?

It starts, like everything else in life, with you actually wanting to improve in this area...

If you do, it's often easier than you think.

If you have the right tools , the task becomes easier.

And this is where essential oils elegantly enter the scene and steal the show.

Essential sleep oils have effectively helped people sleep for over 3000 years and are for many one of the very best "aids" available in 2024...

These small bottles with enchanting aromas have thus been secret weapons to combat insomnia and bad sleep quality for millennia….

But can they help you sleep better?

Kan eteriske oljer hjelpe deg å sove bedre figur.png__PID:360415ff-9f82-4ceb-8813-14940045ab43

Could these fragrant miracle drops be the key to unlocking a better night's sleep for you too?

Let's take a little journey into this soul-warming universe so you can find out if it's right for you…

What exactly are essential oils?

In short.

Essential oils are plant extracts from e.g. seeds, flowers, bark, roots, leaves, stems, peel, fruit and whatever contains the natural smell, taste or... "essence" of that plant (ie: a concentrate).

It is incredibly potent stuff...

So potent, that the plants themselves use the aromas to attract pollinating insects and repel predators...

Many believe that essential oils are the very essence of a plant and the purest distillation of nature's living energy possible get your hands on…

After reading thousands of positive feedback from satisfied customers over the past few years who actively use our oils to createthe best evening routinethey have had for a long time and then end up sleeping much better than before, we have to agree.

It works.


What does research say about the use ofessential oils to increase sleep quality?

  • Rule #1 to remember : Always check what respected researchers and subject experts, who have carried out good studies on real people, and really know what they are talking about... say about effect before you blindfoldedly jump into something new that promises gold and good dreams.

Dr. Charlene Gamaldo ( Professor of neurology, sleep expert with specialty in sleep apnea, sleep disorders and sleep medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine in the USA) says in a NY Times article published in 2022 that:

Studies supporting lavender oil as a sleeping aid are solid, even though they’re few in number, according to Dr. Charlene Gamaldo, medical director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep and Wellness.

Below you see an elegant screenshot of the results from one of the studies...

...they clearly show that people who combined lavender oil with a good sleep routine (hygiene) increased their sleep quality CONSIDERABLELY .

So that's it.

Not only did lavender oil help the test group improve their sleep quality.

They felt more vital, fresh and alive when they woke up.

If that doesn't lay the foundation for better days... I don't know.

Or how about what “the Sleep Doctor” Michael Breus, Ph.D says about the same sleep superstar: lavender…


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Ease pain… Lift mood… and Boost Sleep.

In other words: this is not a dream.

Using sleep essential oils to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up more refreshed will change your life forever.

Especially if you start using high-quality oils that contain lavender before you go to bed and into the first hours of sleep.

Some oils are better than others.

Make sure to use the correct oils.

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Another important indicator of whether something really works is to take a trip back in time to see if "it's a daily fly" , or something that has actually survived the undeniably harsh judgment of time...

Does history agree with the research?


Essential oils have been (this is well documented...google it) used as a sleep aid and for general enhancement of well-being in the form of aromatherapy for over THREE THOUSAND years.

You read that right: 3,000 years.

And when something has survived for so long, we actually have to sit up a little straighter in our chairs and follow along...

...Among other things, Egyptian and Chinese medicine come up as credible sources here with diligent use...

...When we also discover that the Bible mentions ethereal oils more than 300 times, we must conclude that smart people have understood the value of these magic drops for a long, long, long, long time.

Maybe they have something going for them?

I'll let you find the answer for yourself.

In any case, here is a thought: When both new research and historical sources conclude thatsome essential oils effectively helps people sleep better, there are good indicators that this is something you should try out for yourself if you also want to increase your sleep quality.

The only thing you have to be careful of is that you of course choose real, healthy and completely natural oils of high quality so that you get all the benefits and automatically avoid oils that do not deliver.

How to get started

The easiest way to use essential sleep oils in the bedroom is to diffuse them in the air a little before you want to go to bed and into the first hours of sleep.

Then something called a diffuser is used... which does all the work for you.

It is incredibly easy to use.

All that is needed is that you are able to fill a container with some water, add a few drops of your favorite oil, put the lid on and press a button.

When you get the hang of it after a couple of times, it takes you just under 45 short seconds.

water — drip — click

Can you make it?


Because imagine that every night you have a very simple "ritual" that almost guarantees that you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up with more energy...

...Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Of course it had.

Single. Fragrant. Effectively. And cozy.

Yes, they smell too good.

The bedroom will never be the same again. Just wait until you feel the soothing and soft scent embrace you for the first time.

You might be thinking...

...why didn't I do this before? Better sleep doesn't have to be so difficult.

If you have a hammer, driving in nails is not that challenging.

Because the right tool makes the task much easier.

Essential sleep oils are a sleep tool absolutely worth taking with you on your life journey.…

...it's worth trying it for a little while now that you've become aware of the potential (and documented) upsides. ..

...If you are interested in easily creating your own sleep-inducing "evening ritual" with 100% natural essential sleep oils from the top shelf, we have put together a "get started package" with specially selected oils (same ingredients as in the studies you read about above) and of course a delicious diffuser so you can easily diffuse them in the bedroom, at a considerably reduced price, of what you would normally have to spend...

...In short; it gives you everything you need to immediately set sail directly for dreamland and the best sleep (and version of yourself) you've experienced in a long time...

...Try these oils that are documented to increase sleep quality in your own evening routine and experience noticeable results already on the first night ...

...This could very well be the best investment you make in 2024.

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Permanent place by the bed. Is completely dependent. I am sick and bedridden a lot and this helps with pain and better sleep.
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Sleep is absolutely fantastic!!!!! : it's one of my favorite oils. : this blend with Lavender and Palmarosa is absolutely beautiful... I hardly know how to explain it... I had trouble falling asleep and now I fall asleep in 30 seconds... It's amazing!!!!! …. And in the morning my room smells amazing. It's so nice to wake up like this... I'll be buying more for sure!!!!!!!!!!
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I was lucky enough to receive a Volant Essential Oil Diffuser for better sleep for Christmas. The diffuser is left on every night. It gives a delicious and pleasant scent in the bedroom and contributes to calm and well-being and better sleep. There are many good scents to choose from, so I am considering buying a Diffuser for the living room as well.
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