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How does a carrier oil work?

Applying essential oils on the skin is a great way to reap the benefits of essential oils. However, essential oils too strong to be applied directly to the skin. Carrier oils are oils ideal for diluting essential oils. On their own, they also have the power to improve your skin. We've developed four new organic carrier oils, launching this week! Experience the same effect as from your favourite essential oil blends.

Here's an article to know more on how carrier oils may be used.

Explore our new carrier oils

  • Jojoba Carrier Oil
  • Rosehip Carrier Oil
  • Plum Carrier Oil
  • Blueberry Seed Carrier Oil

Jojoba Carrier Oil

12 €

Mimic Your Skin |  30 ml

Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil will mimic your skin's sebum and therefore reduce the skin's own production of oil. In doing so Jojoba rids the skin of oily itchiness. It will make your skin feel great and balanced and it is also packed with omegas and Vitamin E.


Rosehip Carrier Oil

12 €

You Deserve The Luxury  |  30 ml

Organic Rosehip Carrier Oil is nourishing and powerful. It will leave you with a refreshing and soothing feel long after it is applied. It is suitable for a variety of skin types and will add extra luxury to your skin routine.


Plum Carrier Oil

12 €

That Summer Glow All Year |  30 ml

Organic Plum Carrier Oil is antiaging and refreshing. The luxurious oil is great for all skin types and will give you a balanced and glowing skin. Filled with omegas and antioxidants, it provides a shield against radicals. Get ready to glow.


Blueberry Seed Carrier Oil

14 €

For that young and free feeling |  30 ml

Organic Blueberry Seed Carrier Oil is antiaging and soothing. The oil is full of powerful antioxidants and omegas. It will protect your skin against radicals and blue light from the sun that causes skin damage and visible signs of ageing. Get that moisturized and hydrated skin feeling with this active oil.

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