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volant jojoba carrier oil bottle. the most popular carrier oils  for essential oils because it can be used on your hair or your skin
volant jojoba oil carrier oil for your hair and skin
volant jojoba oil carrier oil packaging. best for hair and skin
volant jojoba oil carrier oil rich with the beneficial nutrients, including vitamins A, D and E, making it holistically great for your body.
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Jojoba Carrier Oil

Mimic Your Skin |  30 ml

Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil will mimic your skin's sebum and therefore reduce the skin's own production of oil. In doing so Jojoba rids the skin of oily itchiness. It will make your skin feel great and balanced and it is also packed with omegas and Vitamin E.

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Best Uses

Mix with essential oils

Use Blueberry Seed Oil as a carrier oil and blend it with your favourite essential oil and massage into your skin. (Be careful and apply gradually if you have sensitive skin.)

Healthy and smooth hair

Use it after washing your hair. Apply Plum Oil to the tips of your damp hair to protect it from the heat from the blow dryer. Apply directly to the ends of your dry hair to smooth and soften.

Natural moisturizer

Use Jojoba Carrier Oil as 100% natural makeup or as a nourishing body moisturizer.

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