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volant rosehip carrier oil bottle for skin routine
volant rosehip carrier oil rich in vitamin A and C
volant rosehip carrier oil packaging
volant rosehip carrier oil to help fight the effects of aging and the sun on your skin
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Rosehip Carrier Oil

You Deserve The Luxury  |  30 ml

Organic Rosehip Carrier Oil is nourishing and powerful. It will leave you with a refreshing and soothing feel long after it is applied. It is suitable for a variety of skin types and will add extra luxury to your skin routine.

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Best Uses

Relaxing Massage

Blend Rosehip Carrier Oil with a few drops of essential oil and massage into your skin. (Be careful and apply gradually if you have sensitive skin.)

Skincare routine

Apply Rosehip Oil to your skin to add a rich and nourishing layer during your skincare routine.

Feel fresh

Rosehip Oil is loaded with refreshing and nourishing vitamins, plus fatty acids that will leave you with a soft and soothing feeling skin long after it’s applied.

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