Stop Insomnia Bundle (without diffuser)
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Stop Insomnia Bundle (without diffuser)

Relieves stress Better sleep Relaxing

Guaranteed better sleep with these oils in the diffuser, which have a proven effect on inducing sleep!

Some customers go completely crazy when they experience the effect: "Sleep is absolutely amazing!!!!! it's one of my favorite oils. This blend of Lavender and Palmarosa is absolutely beautiful... I hardly know how to explain it ... I had trouble falling asleep and now I fall asleep in 30 seconds.... And in the morning my room smells amazing.. It's so nice to wake up.. . I will definitely buy more!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Hanane B.

A soft flower garden  |  10 ml

There are several essential oils that can contribute to a good night's sleep. Try essential oil of Frankincense , Roman Chamomile , Lavender, Sleep Blend.







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