To help you, we’ve researched and listed the top 50 aromatherapy experts you should follow in 2022. They’re ranked based on their depth of expertise and influence in the field.

1. Robert Tisserand 🇬🇧

Robert Tisserand is an international speaker, educator and consultant on the science and benefits of essential oils and their safe and effective application. Essential oils are the heart of his brand, forming the roots from which his brand has grown, he understands essential oils like no other.

Passionate about improving well-being, his company today brings together a unique team of UK-based experts, who source, blend and procure the finest quality essential oils from their offices in West Sussex.

For some, Robert is the final word on essential oils, as well as the primary myth buster and advocate.


2. Dr. Daniel Pénoël 🇫🇷

#ecology #lecturer #french #organic

Dr. Daniel Pénoël, President-Founder of Association École Pénoël and Facilitator-Lecturer within École Pénoël, has been working in the field of aromatherapy since 1977. He is passionate about Earth and ecology. Dr. Pénoël has an international reputation as an essential oil researcher, aromatic medicine practitioner, educator and author who has dedicated his three-decade career to the therapeutic use of essential oils. He is a native to France, and as a Medical Doctor, he uses essential oils in the treatment of his patients. He advises his patients to ingest essential oils, against the advice of the English school of aromatherapy. He demonstrates just how one can use essential oils as a drug-free alternative for health. What distinguishes the oils that a professional uses is that they are therapeutic grade essential oils and the majority are organically grown.


3. Danièle Ryman 🇬🇧

#french #pharmacology #travelfatigue #TheGift

French-born Danièle Ryman is recognised as the world’s leading global media authority on aromatherapy, pharmacology, health and beauty. She was the first to develop a range of natural products and treatments, with the purpose of helping passengers and airline crew members combat the effects of jetlag and travel fatigue. Programs and products were introduced to 15 of her airline clients, including British Airways.

Danièle’s private clients include members of Royal families, as well as international sporting, television and film celebrities. Her work reflects her passion for research, development and the creation of innovative concepts. She is currently writing her new book, ‘The Gift’.


4. Wendy Robbins 🇺🇸

#fragances #naturalsourcing #author

Wendy is the founder, curator, and author at AromaWeb where essential oils are just one aspect of an extensive world full of fragrant delights. Armed with the knowledge of holistic aromatherapy and a background in Web development and marketing, Wendy was inspired to create AromaWeb in 1997. Since then, it has become a frequently referenced educational aromatherapy website that supplies extensive content and coverage in the field of holistic aromatherapy and essential oil usage.

Since 2003, Wendy has also served as the marketing manager for Natural Sourcing, a leading natural ingredient supplier, and its trademarked brand, From Nature With Love.


5. Jade Shutes 🇺🇸

#reflexology #anatomy #wellness

Jade Shutes, the founder of The School for Aromatic Studies in the United States, had a life-transforming experience in aromatherapy thirty years ago when struggling with back pain. Within the year, she began her holistic studies in aromatherapy, being trained in anatomy, basic chemistry, applied kinesiology, reflexology, iridology, and of course, essential oils and massage.

Nowadays, her mission is to create an educational foundation that inspires and balances students with progressive approaches to both traditional and innovative methods of healing through essential oils. She is so committed to educating people in aromatherapy for health and wellness purposes that she even offers a free online introduction course. Don’t miss this opportunity!


6. Suzanne R Banks 🇦🇺

#environment #retreats #vegan #celebrities

Australian Suzanne R Banks is confident people need to simplify their lives and reduce the number of artificial chemicals in the environment. She’s been involved in creating a wide variety of aromatic productions, such as curating aromatic experiences for major corporate events and hosting meditation retreats, to name a few.

These firsthand experiences gave her a broad understanding of aromatherapy and have led her to create unique, botanical and vegan perfumes. Nowadays, she also continues to practice relaxing and healing aromatherapy treatments for celebrities including Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue


7. Lorrie Hargis 🇺🇸

#allergies #anxiety #depression #detox

Health and wellness consultant and author of ‘Common scents: A practical guide to aromatherapy’, one of Lorrie’s differentiating approaches is to offer courses to learn the purposes of oils for different needs, from curing allergies, preventing viruses and dealing with anxiety & depression to detox and daily essentials.

 She also developed the renowned Dynamic Detox Program. “This program's purpose is to help each person detoxify their body in a safe, healthy and positive way with responsible guidance for a better, healthier and happier life [...] It includes a full maintenance program for three weeks with weekly coaching calls.”


8. Jo Kellett 🇬🇧

#yoga #childbirth #pregnancy

Jo Kellett completed a Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy at the prestigious Tisserand Institute in 1996. And has been a practising therapist since that time. She was immediately hired to run a practice at the Portland Hospital in London, offering aromatherapy and yoga for women during pregnancy and the use of oils during childbirth.

She soon returned to the Tisserand Institute to join the teaching team and taught essential oil therapeutics. She now runs post graduate courses for aromatherapists focusing on women’s health issues. She is a published author and has lectured around the globe about the efficacy of essential oils, including Botanica where she ran a workshop Seasons of Life – Puberty to Menopause with Essential Oils. She has appeared on The Chrissy B Show (Sky 191) where she discusses using essential oils for Menopause and general health and wellbeing. Currently, Jo is Tisserand’s Aromatherapy Expert, responsible for creating new blends, sourcing essential oils and promoting wellness through aromatherapy.


9. Nikki Fraser 🇨🇦

#reiki #reflexology #prenatalservices

Nikki Fraser decided to become a Certified Aromatherapist Health Practitioner (CAHP) including aroma massage shortly after seeing how beneficial essential oils could be for her and her family. She is the creator of Fraser Holistic Health, with a mission to empower others and heal using natural ingredients and complementary modalities. Nikki offers multiple services including aromatherapy, reflexology, ion cleansing, Reiki and prenatal services.

Nikki is also one of three founders of Essentria School of Aromatherapy. Essentria is a fully-online school offering a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist program. The 425-hour course will allow graduates to be fully certified to work with essential oils safely with their families and clients.

Her success as a businesswoman has led her to partner with the Reiki Healing Association, Healing Mama Co. and NAHA.


10. Anne Murray 🇬🇧

#mindfulness #massage #aromatherapy #tapping

Aromatherapist and owner at Anne Murray Holistics - “helping to give back what life takes out” - Anne is certified in massage therapy, aromatherapy, the Bowen Technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Mindfulness Meditation. What sets her apart are those moments where she reads body language like an open book and uses just the right techniques and therapies for each individual.

As her practice grew, so did her awareness of the intrinsic connection between spirit, mind, and body and the fact that, in treatments, these can’t be separated. These links between mental and emotional stress and distress have led her to explore further ways of using the power of the mind to rebalance and heal. She has studied and is qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), more commonly known as ‘tapping’.


11. Dee Murphy 🇬🇧

#organic #botanic #cancer

Dee has been working in reflexology and aromatherapy since 2003, undertaking courses specific to these fields. Dee is also a Formula Botanica graduate, which means she uses the best organic, ethically-sourced ingredients for her treatments like the Fusion Facial.

She uses aromatherapy massage and reflexology to provide comfort and relaxation for cancer patients at St George's Hospital in London, England. Dee also teaches workshops on alternative treatments such as acupuncture to children and adults alike around her country through various organisations that share an interest in these therapies including schools, hospitals and corporate events.

Dee’s success has allowed her to create ‘Dee’s Organics’, a website on which she commercialises oil products, offers facial and reflexology appointments, and sells Gua Sha products: “Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medical practice that has been around since the 14th century and can be performed on the body and the face. ‘Gua’ means to scrape, and ‘Sha’ means to redden. However, in facial Gua Sha, our intention is not to redden the face as such, and the treatment on the face is much more gentle than on the body.”


12. Susanna Digennaro 🇺🇸

#nurse #nutrition #diet

Founder & CEO at Evolutional health, Susanna is a nurse and a holistic health coach.

Her prestigious education at Ivy League universities in the U.S. has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge of different dietary theories, she works with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

She is currently working to receive her aromatherapy certification through Aromahead Institute. Upon receiving her certification, Susanna will be offering consultations and custom blend products geared towards the individual needs of her clients.


13. Michael Scholes 🇺🇸

 #theraupetic #botanic #skin

Michael ​researches, writes, trains, formulates, practises, consults and offers one of the most extensive collections of essential oils in the world. His training includes working directly with the two leading experts in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. Daniel Pénoël and Pierre Franchomme, with over 70 years of combined experience. Michael is experienced in all aspects of Aromatic and Botanical-based solutions, having accumulated over 33 years of knowledge in the art, science and healing aspects of essential oils.

Founder of the Laboratory of Flowers, his products combine the most popular formulations and natural fragrances which are added to their organic and natural bath salts, bath milks, creams, carriers, infusions, lotions, muds, nourishments and scrubs as well as products for skin, hair, hands and feet.


14. Vicky Watson 🇬🇧

#massage #yoga #sleeping

Founder of Infinite Harmony, Vicky is a holistic massage therapist and aromatherapist. She combines the benefits of aromatherapy, holistic massage and yoga and provides weekly classes, courses, workshops and treatments designed to live a healthy life. She also focuses on clients’ sleeping routines and hours, for which she has a special website where she brings together articles, ideas and resources that will help her customers in their quest to get a better night's sleep.


15. Elizabeth Kenny 🇬🇧

#health #balance #herbalmedicine

“The intention is to encourage balance and harmony of the body & mind using a bespoke blend of essential oils” - Elizabeth Kenny. She is a well-known healer and a member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) with a strong interest in traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

After graduating from the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, she has been focusing her work on clients who are unable to come into the office due to their busy lifestyles or location constraints. Nowadays, her focus is working with clients over the phone. She states this allows a way for clients to still benefit from aromatherapy when they most need it but cannot connect face-to-face. They discuss current health issues and emotional health and then design a bespoke blend specifically for that person and their needs.


16. Andrea Bailey-Tweed 🇺🇸

#hope #chiropractic #earthsownessentials

Owner and founder of Earth’s Own Essentials, Andrea’s life story is inspiring to everybody. For many years she lived a happy life and held an extremely successful career. Life was great until things took a turn for the worse and she got sick. She lost count of the number of doctors and medical professionals she saw for help. The general consensus from all of them was to lose hope and accept her condition. They prescribed dozens of medicines, none of which worked, and she soon began having serious side effects from the medications that caused additional health concerns. Surgeries, pills...nothing seemed to work. Andrea ended up in a wheelchair. One night she dreamt about her grandmother and her preaching about mixing oils and herbs when somebody was ill. Andrea had been taught for several decades how to use oils and completely overlooked it!

The very next day, she began her official education in the world of essential oils, spending hundreds of hours in formal study and training. Long story short, Andrea created her products out of the need for her own sake and, together with the physical benefits of therapeutic massage and chiropractic care, she incorporated them into her weekly routine. 


17. Lisa Byers 🇨🇦

#aromas #poverty #racism

While studying interior design, Lisa Byers, founder of LJ Turtle Aromatherapy in Canada, became a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional. She offers services to help people live their best lives through aromas that have been proven to evoke feelings.

She has seen firsthand how social determinants like poverty impact health in communities that have been struggling with systemic racism. In Lisa’s company logo, the turtle represents Turtle Island, the Indigenous name for North America. It pays tribute to the all-natural ingredients sourced from Planet Earth while paying respects to Lisa’s maternal Ojibwa ancestry with ‘Turtle’ being a family name.

Successful and results-oriented, her satisfied clients over the years have been convinced that you can quickly turn your mood around with aromatherapy


18. Sarah Smart 🇦🇺

#customblends #safety #massage

Sarah's natural passion for aromatherapy gave her the desire to promote the safe and ethical usage of essential oils. As an expert in the field, she offers custom blends designed to help anyone find inner peace while being true to themselves. As a qualified clinical aromatherapist and essential oil educator, she inspires people to be conscious about self-care by offering aromatherapy massage, online private consultations, workshops and custom blends for businesses.

Sarah has created the distinguished brand Aromatherapy with Sarah™: a business born out of a passion to promote safe ethical essential oil information with the backing of an aromatherapy qualification.’


19. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt 🇺🇸

#Germany #chemistry #educator

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., a chemist originally from Munich, Germany, currently practises the science behind aromatherapy in California, USA. Inspired by fellow experts in the field, such as Tisserand and Valnet, Dr. Schnaubelt not only began a career in aromatherapy but founded both the company Original Swiss Aromatics and the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in 1983. He continues to be involved in these organisations and is the scientific director of the Institute. He is passionate about providing high-quality, bio-authentic essential oils to customers around the world as well as aromatherapy training courses through the Institute, ensuring safety in the practice. As an author of the books ‘Advanced Aromatherapy’ and ‘Medical Aromatherapy’, Dr. Schnaubelt shares his passion through knowledge. With over 30 successful years in the field, his expertise is assured.


20. Salvatore Battaglia 🇦🇺

#acupuncture #author #herbalmedicine

Salvatore Battaglia has dedicated his life to being an educator in the field of aromatherapy. Beginning to teach in 1988, he has grown his platform and reputation internationally. While being passionate about aromatherapy, in particular, he has also achieved qualifications in areas such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. His broad knowledge has allowed him to become an author of notable pieces of work including ‘The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy’ and ‘Aromatree’, the co-founder of the leading Australian aromatherapy preparations company ‘Perfect Potion’, to create masterclasses, work in professional associations and serve in government committees. Battaglia embarked on his extensive career to ensure the highest quality development, regulation, education and production of aromatherapy, all of which he continues to have success in today.


21. Theo Theodoris 🇬🇧

#massage #sportmassage #celebrities

Theo is a mobile sports massage therapist for 25+ years now and visits people in their homes or places of work. He covers from the lightest touch of a relaxing aromatherapy massage to a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage. His massages are tailored to people’s individual needs. From working as a Development Officer for the British Sports Association for the disabled, he also visits both care homes and residential homes. He is a winner of ‘The Best Business in the Community’ at the Sutton Business Awards and a past finalist in the Sutton Business Awards and the South London Business Awards.

He has massaged clients from all over the world, his most famous client being Sharon Davis, one of Britain's top female Olympic swimmers. Theo is one of the official sports massage therapists to the London Marathon. 


22. Aileen Kilfeather 🇺🇸

#skincare #antiaging #botanicals

Aileen owns and operates Aluna Aromatics, a skin care company in Central Florida. She formulates skin care products specifically chosen to treat various skin types and conditions for individuals and for estheticians to use on their clients. Using essential oils, hydrosols, plant botanicals as well as proteins, peptides and cosmeceuticals, Aileen addresses anti-aging skin care concerns with a personal touch.


23. Madeleine Kerkhof 🇳🇱

#nurse #lecturer #palliativecare #cancer

A former nurse, Madeleine is now a real authority on clinical aromatherapy, lecturing all over the world. She is the founder of several influential organisations worldwide to help develop complementary care. Her unique experience is shared through her work and inspiring books as well as numerous professional articles. Even though her books are primarily written for therapists working in palliative care, her advice on how to apply oils is applicable for all of us using them.

One of her passions is to help integrate complementary therapies in mainstream health care. She is highly specialised in the care for elderly patients, those with dementia and those requiring oncology, pain management, palliative and end-of-life care.


24. Dr. Manoj Das 🇮🇳

#beauty #technology #women

According to Dr. Manoj Das, Aromatherapy “is the science and art of utilising naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants”. Dr. Manoj Das is committed to creating pure and natural body care by enhancing people’s natural beauty. He encourages his clients to feel attractive both externally and internally by employing the latest technology in aromatherapy.

Together with a solid team, his mission is to empower women to be in control of their destinies and lead successful lives by their innate ability to look and feel attractive


25. Lea Jacobson 🇺🇸

#content #aroma #safety

Lea is a certified clinical aromatherapist whose success is based on educating people on essential oil safety, no matter the brand they choose. From her experience in the industry, Lea Jacobson has developed a passion for helping people find what they need: basic information, family-safe oil blends, product label content and website content. These are proven tools that have allowed her to work with huge corporations such as Lemongrass Spa and Edens Garden & Co.


26. Dr. Robert Pappas 🇺🇸

#perfumery #chemistry #courses

Dr. Robert Pappas, Ph.D., is a chemist who specialises in various subfields including natural perfumery, cosmetic formulation & testing, CBD and, notably, aromatherapy. With an educational background in chemistry and physical chemistry, Dr. Pappas’ passion has led him to a broad 25-year career as a course developer, professor, founder of Essential Oil University, inventor and published author. His main contributions to the field include being the first to develop collegiate-level courses on essential oils within the United States and creating arguably the most extensive online database of essential oils in the world. His efforts are recognised as highly significant to both students and clients alike, allowing him to become an internationally recognised leading authority on essential oils.


27. Gabriel Mojay 🇬🇧


#acupuncture #tisserand #shutes #herbalmedicine

From his education at the College of Traditional Acupuncture to his current position as Principal of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Gabriel Mojay has become a renowned clinical aromatherapist, gaining recognition from experts such as Tisserand and Shutes. He is a registered practitioner of aromatherapy, amongst other specialisations such as herbal medicine and shiatsu, a member of the British Acupuncture Council, and is the current chair of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. His nearly 50 years of experience have allowed him to undergo and contribute to the development of aromatherapy.

As the author of ‘Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit’, Mojay explores the combination of Eastern and Western approaches to aromatherapy in rebalancing mental health and emotional well-being.


28. Amy Anthony 🇺🇸

#herbalist #privatepractice #workshops

Amy Anthony is an Aromatherapist and Herbalist based in Manhattan, New York. She is an instructor at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and has a private practice clinic. She has taught workshops and certification classes at NYIOA and the NY Institute of Aromatic Studies. She has also been hired by several consulting firms to help employees maximise their performance at work.


29. Amy Kreydin 🇺🇸

#reflexology #infertility #menopause 

Amy Kreydin is a clinical aromatherapist, certified reflexologist, birth doula and author in private practice. Her early training in botanical medicine included mentors in Western herbal medicine, Native American healing and curanderismo.

She specialises in working with women’s health, paediatrics and chronic health complaints. This includes a significant amount of hormone balancing work related to common female conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, menopause and infertility.


30. Melissa Holman 🇺🇸

#coaching #podcast #lifecoach

A registered aromatherapist, holistic life coach and podcast host, Melissa Holman is the founder of Lemon Balm coaching and Aromatic Chat.

Following her graduation from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Holman began her career as an aromatherapist before deciding to expand her services to combine both aromatherapy and general health coaching. Through her podcast, Holman shares and discusses successful aromatherapists around the globe while also introducing listeners to the various uses of essential oils.


31. Jenny James 🇬🇧

#yoga #facials #massage

Jenny James is a professional aromatherapist and experienced yoga teacher. Her mission is to balance the physical needs of her clients with the more subtle emotional, energetic and spiritual ones. She specialises in holistic aromatherapy, energetic and remedial massage techniques. This extends to her facials which include acupressure, TMJ release and lymphatic drainage. Her yoga classes range from traditional Hatha and Vinyasa for all ages to fusion aromatherapy and yoga workshops and retreats.


32. Jennifer Pressimone 🇺🇸

#jennscents #webinars #healing

Jennifer Pressimone is a clinical aromatherapist, herbalist, educator, VP of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, and CEO & founder of ‘Jennscents’.

Jennifer first came into contact with aromatherapy for her personal well-being and from there decided to pursue her nearly 20-year career. Her love for blending essential oils and teaching has allowed her to work internationally and create an esteemed reputation for herself. Through her company, Jennscents, Jennifer not only sells her products but trains others in the field of aromatherapy by providing webinars and online courses. Having been a patient herself in the medical industry, she has the goal of integrating alternative healing methods into conventional medicine with a focus on aromatherapy.


33. Andrea Butje 🇺🇸

#teaching #aromaticsinternational #wellness

“Helping students master the art and science of essential oils is my passion. My quest for aromatherapy knowledge has taken me around the world, and I love sharing what I’ve gathered to help students gain the confidence to use essential oils to enhance their wellness.” - Andrea Butje, Aromahead Institute

Andrea Butje, the recipient of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Lifetime Achievement Award, is a clinical aromatherapist, educator and author. Andrea began her career in aromatherapy by studying with Rhiannon Lewis and is now the founder of Aromatics International as well as co-founder and lead instructor of the Aromahead Institute where she provides various online courses in essential oils. Her published works include ‘The Heart of Aromatherapy’ and ‘Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home’. In 20 years, Andrea has created an impressive career in the field and is respected by peers worldwide.


34. Carol Scheidel 🇺🇸

#international #safety #teaching #skills

Carol Scheidel has a passion for aromatherapy. She is a Registered Nurse and became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner in 2005. Carol consults and teaches aromatherapy and ‘M’ Technique® both in the United States and internationally. She has presented at international aromatherapy conferences in Mexico, Japan, France and Hong Kong.

Carol is seriously committed to educating people on aromatherapy and states: “Make sure that you get the education that is recognised and validated so that you're getting the right information because there's a lot of information out in the world about essential oils that it's just not safe. So you've got to be sure you're safe and you've got your facts; get your scientific evidence together, and move forward.”

This being said, she offers an extensive course that provides an overview of essential oil therapy and current aromatherapy practices in clinical settings and gives people the skills to bring aromatherapy into their own practice.


35. Shirley Price 🇬🇧

#skincare #bodycare #course

Dedicated to providing the finest essential oils, carrier oils, skin and body care for professional and personal use, Shirley is an aromatherapy practitioner. Her studies and professional experiences have led her to found the prestigious Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy. It is based in Hinckley, Leicestershire and has been training students for a career in aromatherapy for 40 years.

The Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma Course consists of five in-house modules over 25 days. In-house and distance learning is completed over a minimum period of 10 months. Keep in mind that qualifications in anatomy and physiology are required before taking this fantastic holistic course.

Shirley has proved to have educated successful aromatherapists, as some of her top pupils state: “I trained many years ago with Shirley Price, and then I had my own school and always use the methods taught by them.”

36. Kazue Gill 🇯🇵

#stress #relief #naturaloils

Kazue used to work in London’s busy financial district and suffered from immense stress, with repeated headaches and tiredness. During that time, she discovered the power of massage with essential oils, finding that it gave her instant relief. This is when Kazue did a huge turnaround in her career.

A pioneer of aromatherapy in Japan, her over 25 years of experience as a therapist began in the UK. She also practices Dr Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and sports massage. Palliative care is her speciality and she has been providing aromatherapy care in palliative care wards since 2003. She also produces aromatherapy products.

She is a principal tutor of JEA, one of the most prominent aromatherapy schools in Japan.


37. Dr. E. Joy Bowles 🇦🇺

#teaching #chemistry #pharmacology

Explaining how aromatherapy works is her biggest passion. She focuses on the pharmacology and chemistry of essential oils and their interaction with human biology.

Readers and aromatherapy enthusiasts should check out her appearance in the Netflix docuseries ‘Un(Well)’ (Episode 1: Essential Oils) and learn about Joy Bowles. She has recently been awarded the Outstanding Contributor prize by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists in 2021.​

Her most well-known book is ‘The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils’, in which Dr. Joy shares her knowledge on what essential oils are from a chemical point of view and explores the many ways they interact with humans. She offers workshops and webinars on aroma chemistry and the pharmacology of essential oils, as well as leading the Aromatherapy Journal Club and an active Facebook discussion group on essential oil ingestion. The prestigious Dr. Joy also offers a series of webinars through the Tisserand Institute.


38. Alicia Rae 🇺🇸

#thesicilianwitch #balance #customblends

Alicia Rae is a certified clinical aromatherapist. She has used essential oils in her healing practice for 21 years. Having an intimate relationship with these pure and powerful gifts of nature, she creates custom blends for her clients that promote well-being within the delicate balance of body, mind and soul. Working closely with essential oil importers and growers around the world, she has taken great care to hand-select over a hundred pure and therapeutic grade essential oils so that she can offer her clients a well-rounded essential oil apothecary selection. Alicia teaches private classes for Reiki and wellness practitioners as well as home users of essential oils


39. Rhiannon Lewis 🇫🇷

 #author #educator #healthcare

Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants, Rhiannon Lewis is an experienced aromatherapist, author, editor and gifted educator. Her passion for nature and aromatic plants has led to several local initiatives in Provence, France to raise environmental awareness.

A driven businesswoman with the desire to make evidence-based information available to doctors, she is a popular editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy. Through reports of evidence-based articles and research studies, she inspires practitioners to use essential oils and related products across a range of healthcare settings.


40. Meltem Kurstan 🇹🇷

#herbafarm #familybusiness #pharmaceutics

Meltem is the founder of HerbaFarm Academy. She is originally a pharmacist. Since the beginning, Meltem has been involved in the R&D department for the development of herbal and natural products of her company. In 2015 she moved her company’s headquarters, MK Consultancy & Training, to Bodrum, Turkey where she established HerbaFarm Academy and began holding seminars around topics involving nature and the environment such as natural cosmetics production, botanicals of Bodrum, ecological houses and organic farming. She became the NAHA Regional Director in 2019. At the same time, HerbaFarm Academy became a NAHA Approved School. Meltem comes from a family of pharmacists, , and in order to guarantee and maintain the continuous improvement in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic aspects of the family business, Meltem now works as an effective shareholder, as she believes in the importance and necessity of the institution of family business to the macro level of the global health sector.


41. Ali Karatay Karayalcin 🇹🇷

#herbafarm #nature #aromaticplants

Ali is a managing partner at HerbaFarm Academy since 2016. Certified Aromatherapist, aromatic plant gardener and an enthusiastic nature lover, he is also an interior architect and has worked as the sales manager for a Danish high-end electronics company. His diverse and broad experience has given him the necessary tools to perform well and manage the prestigious HerbaFarm Academy, a NAHA Approved Aromatherapy School. Their professional aromatherapy certification courses are designed to provide in-depth and hands-on experience in aromatherapy and holistic healing with the involvement of prominent academics, such as Ali Karatay Karayalcin himself. 


42. Katherine Bolton 🇬🇧

#tarot #massages #reiki #meditation

Katherine has now relocated to Seaton, East Devon where she has her own Holistic Wellbeing Centre overlooking the sea. She is a professional Tarot Card reader, being a member of TABI (Tarot Association of British Isles), and worked for Psychic TV as well as attending fairs and performing regular readings online or in person. Bolton also offers aromatherapy massage, restorative massage, hot stone massage, Indian head massage, reflexology, yoga, Reiki and Psychic Healing, NLP (Neurolinquistic Programming), counselling, and is an experienced life coach and meditation teacher.


43. Lulu McCowan 🇬🇧

#trauma #anxiety #positivethinking

A self-employed complementary therapist in the Glasgow area, Lulu’s business is called ‘I Love Holistics’. She has personally experienced many of the strains and traumas that many of us face in our everyday lives. She believes that many of the therapies she offers can help relieve stress and anxiety and promote better health. She also promotes the power of positive thinking and the use of affirmations. She has experience working with people with mobility issues, disabilities and those who are wheelchair-bound.

She also teaches massage to children as an MISP. It is child-to-child massage done over the clothing. It's a nurturing and respectful program and can be taught to children in playgroups/nurseries and in classrooms.


44. Lyn Boden 🇬🇧

#safety #tailormadeoils #wellbeing

In a typical aromatherapy session, Lyn asks questions about previous medical history, general health and wellbeing and lifestyle. This helps her understand the patient in depth in order to choose and blend the safest and most appropriate essential oils for the individual. These oils may be applied in combination with massage or may be suggested for use with other methods that could be beneficial. Creams, lotions, gels and clays are tailor-made to the individual’s needs.

In her work as a Complementary Therapy Coordinator employed by the NHS, Lyn uses these methods of working with patients as well as in her private practice with her clients. Tailoring her therapy to the individual’s needs and what the person would most like to achieve from their session produces the most outstanding results.


45. Kristina Bauer 🇺🇸

#workshops #education #aromaheadinstitute

With over 25 years of experience as a clinical aromatherapist, herbalist and educator, Kristina Bauer is a graduate of the Aromahead Institute who has gone on to create her business, Untamed Alchemy. It is there she can offer customers workshops, products and consultations amongst other services. Bauer also runs a blog under the name ‘The Untamed Alchemist’ where she presents both her educational training as well as her experience for customers and industry peers alike. From her time as a student, her purpose remains to combine energy and science in all aspects of her work.


46. Annette Davis 🇺🇸

#nutritionist #supplements #pyhyto-aromatherapy

Currently serving as the president on the board of directors for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, Annette Davis is a clinical nutritionist and aromatherapist with over 30 years of experience within the field of aromatherapy. Following in the footsteps of her teacher, Davis practises phyto-aromatherapy and endobiogeny, which combines the fields of conventional medicine with alternative methods such as aromatherapy. In addition to her responsibilities at the NAHA, Annette works at Time Laboratories, owned by her family, producing natural products such as essential oils and supplements.


47. Beverly Hawkins 🇨🇦

#educator #covid #westcoastaromatherapy

Beverly Hawkins is an aromatherapist and educator, amongst many other qualifications, who founded, owns and runs West Coast Aromatherapy in Vancouver, Canada where she provides courses in aromatherapy, client consultations and a members-only club. With consideration to Covid-19, Hawkins has recently provided many of her services through Zoom and phone calls, particularly for consultations and energy healing. Her courses are known to be some of the best in North America. Hawkins’ passion for the field shines through her belief that aromatherapy is an art form as well as through her love for her clients and her dedication to their safety.


48. Denise Joswiak 🇺🇸

#nurse #essentialhealth #aromaheadinstitute

Denise Joswiak is a certified holistic nurse, educator, author and founder of Essential Health. Joswiak is passionate about implementing aromatherapy into conventional healthcare. Under Joswiak’s leadership, Essential Health has collaborated with healthcare leaders such as the Mayo Clinic and Vanderbilt Health. She is currently the president of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Denise serves on the American Holistic Nurses Association panel reviewing research supporting essential oil use for pain, the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Taskforce, and serves on the jury working with the Gattefossé Foundation recognizing teams that use essential oils as a complementary therapeutic approach. Her relationships and vocality extend to other aromatherapists and healthcare workers to help achieve her goals and she is a trusted professional in the industry. 


49. Sue Charles 🇬🇧

#shiatsu #reflexology #cancer

Sue is a Clinical Aromatherapist and professor with over 20 years of experience. Though she is the marketing director and senior aromatherapist at Quinessence, she spends much of her time developing and sourcing new products. An IFPA-registered Principal Tutor, she runs a teaching school where training is offered on a wide variety of topics, such as shiatsu and reflexology. Eminent Sue Charles also specialises in the care of oncology patients and those who are terminally ill with various other conditions.


50. Dr. Peter Mackereth 🇬🇧


#massage #fightcancer #author

Peter, from Didsbury, UK, is an award winner and pioneer in his field, having written close to 100 research and practice papers. He is also involved in research related to breathlessness among lung cancer patients and altered sensations following chemotherapy. Peter specialises in massage, reflexology, creative imagery and relaxation techniques. He is the Clinical Lead for Complementary Therapies at Christie Hospital, a part-time lecturer at Salford University, and co-author of two books, ‘Clinical Reflexology’ and ‘Massage and Bodywork: Adapting Therapies for Cancer Care’. Thousands of cancer patients derive physical and emotional relief from the massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques that Dr. Mackereth has integrated with all conventional cancer treatments.