Transform Your Morning Routine with Aromatherapy

Routines are key for productivity, efficiency and well-being. They help you carry out important activities without the use of willpower so that you can use willpower to cope with the varied challenges of life.

Transform Your Morning Routine with Aromatherapy

With trial and error, I have found that the morning routine is the most important and effective routine.

Here you learn how to establish an effective morning routine and how aromatherapy can help make it easier. 


6 Steps to Implementing a Morning Routine with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy makes it easier to establish a routine. that the sense of smell is the one most closely linked to the brain's limbic system, which controls memories and emotions. These are two things you should stimulate to implement a ritual.

Energy is the best oil to start the day with


Start by writing down how you want to start your day. Examine and think through what elements you want to add to your morning routine. This is what I have included in my morning routine:


My Morning Routine

1. Alarm 06:00 on weekdays (8 hours after I go to bed on weekends)
2. Switch on the diffuser with Energy oil blend
3. Drink a large glass of water to hydrate - Read why
4. Stretching exercise approx. 5 minutes - Read why
5. Training approx. 40 min (running or strength training, adjust intensity according to how you feel)
6. Short 5-minute diary - Read more
     - Three things I have to do today
     - Three things I am grateful for
     - Three affirmations of values I want to live up to
7. Cold shower approx. 1 min - Read why
8. Meditate 15 min - Read why
9. Breakfast
10. Read to learn something new in 30 min - Learn more
11. Work on the most meaningful task I will do during the day

This can seem overwhelming and anything is better than nothing. What you want to include in the routine is individual and varies according to preferences and circumstances.


If you manage to implement a structured and positive routine, then this will have a long-term positive effect on everything you do in life. If you have questions or want to share your story, contact us at

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