25 Aromatherapy Websites You'll Want to Bookmark

Have you ever wondered how a smell can take you years back down memory lane and walk you through both the pleasant and painful memories of your life? You are not alone! Our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that stores memories and evokes emotion. This is in part why aromatherapy is becoming more popular these days, in addition to the fantastic benefits that it offers. The pleasant smells, like those of lavender, roses, or lilies, can help you relax and sleep better by giving you a sense of relief. Or citrus scents can energise you, helping you get a jumpstart on your day.
25 Aromatherapy Websites You'll Want to Bookmark

If you want to experience the amazing benefits of aromatherapy, here are 25 websites that you should bookmark:


24. International Federation of Aromatherapists


IFA is a principal accrediting body for aromatherapy professionals based in the UK, with 56 accredited schools internationally. If you’re looking for reliable, professional information on the safe use of aromatherapy and its benefits or if you’re looking to certify in the field, turn here. They have good resources and recipes available on their site, an educational magazine you can subscribe to, and offer conferences and educational webinars to their members. So if you’re just curious or you’re looking to begin a career in the field of aromatherapy, this is a reliable place to start.


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