10 of the Hottest Functional Interior Design Trends

The last few years saw us slowing down and spending more time at home. This has resulted in a strong desire to create spaces that visually reflect what we’re feeling and to add what we’re missing. We’re paying closer attention to the ways in which design creates energy, and we’re allowing our senses to start driving the spaces we inhabit.

interior design drawing and reality

Our homes have also increasingly become the main settings for our lives. This is where we’re exercising, sleeping, socializing, unwinding and even working. Every corner of the house and every object in our space now needs to serve a purpose. It’s time to look at what we love, what we want to live with and what’s going to be sustainable.

Functional interior design is the current focus, and these trending ideas will give you a better understanding of how to incorporate it into your space.

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  • Adaptable forms and fluid objects
  • Bringing the outdoors in
  • Décor with wellness benefits
  • Dual-purpose rooms
  • Embrace the curve
  • The emotional escape room
  • Going green
  • Organic textures
  • Pops of color
  • Recycle, reinvent, repurpose
  • The future of interior design

1.  Adaptable forms and fluid objects

modular kitchen cabinet wood

Modular home accessories that lent themselves to stackability permeated the June 2022 Milan Design Week. This is no doubt in light of the increased demand for flexible spaces that cater to both work and home demands.

Think modular furniture that can be assembled, disassembled and then reassembled in the same space or somewhere new entirely. The aim here is to reduce landfill waste and encourage reuse without necessitating the sacrifice of new possibilities within our interiors. Functional accessories in interior design are the way forward, and everything in the home should have at least one purpose.

2.  Bringing the outdoors in

outdoor furniture and fireplace

Another major theme at Milan Design Week was the use of natural, organic materials in home furnishings. Clay, water and wood were omnipresent and their use was achieved in a number of interesting ways. From living walls to tree branches featuring LED and silk blossoms, exploring this trend allows for a bit of thinking outside of the box.

3.  Décor with wellness benefits

bedroom decor side table with diffuser

One of the easiest ways to improve your quality of life in the home is to rethink the way you decorate. Functional accessories in interior design are extremely sought after. There are multiple products that l improve not only the look and feel of your home but your well-being too.

Handmade, ceramic accents like essential oil diffusers that also serve to scent your home are an option in this category. They complement any interior and deliver a multitude of wellness benefits. You could also invest in cheerfully colored weighted blankets that increase your feelings of security or start an indoor garden in your kitchen or bathroom filled with healing herbs.

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4. Dual-purpose rooms

bedroom with office

With a huge shift in companies’ attitudes towards the necessity of commuting, for many of us, our living spaces have become our offices too. The trend we’re seeing here is rooms being designed for double duty, so dining room walls lined with wine bottles, living rooms sporting bookcases, guest rooms with desks in them and bedrooms with space for exercise equipment are becoming more common.

We’re spending much more time at home, so it’s natural that functional space interior design trends are shifting to accommodate our various needs.

5.  Embrace the curve

modern loft-type house living room

Curvy, rounded furniture and décor are very predominant currently, with arched structures, drum coffee tables, and free-form sofas making an impact. Lines are becoming softer and more comforting, and curves are being incorporated with arched ceilings, cabinet designs, doorways and windows.

Curvaceous furniture delivers a soft line that feels like it's wrapping you in a hug, a wonderful feeling when you’re going through tough times.

6.  The emotional escape room

woman doing yoga and meditating

A term coined on Pinterest, the “emotional escape room” is a trend that seems like it’s here to stay. The neglected guest room has become a library, a music den or a crystal cavern you can retreat to for meditation, yoga, stretching or relaxing.

One of the many responses to times of chaos and confusion is a tendency to retreat inwards and start searching for meaning. This is being reflected in trending décor choices that lean more towards the sacred space.

Baths, healing zones within the home, intentional space planning and meditation rooms are all currently trending. Our houses have become a sanctuary, and being able to recharge within its confines is essential.

7.  Going green

room with garden and plants

Green tones are the in colors currently, and it’s a result of our newfound appreciation of living things and a renewed interest in a more holistic approach to wellness.

Cleaner homes mean environments cleared of clutter, and greens certainly speak to wellness. Bring ferns, garlands, plant ceilings, privacy plant walls and vertical living walls into your idea of what your home should look like going forward.

8.  Organic textures

rattan natural furnitures

The textures of natural materials like fired clay, hand-blown glass, pencil rattan, silk and stone are hugely popular. From leather through to stone, natural textures function as neutrals, anchoring spaces that are increasingly being dominated by uncommon silhouettes and saturated colors.

9.  Pops of color

terracotta chair with volant diffuser

Warm jewel tones are hot, as seen in the rich hues of decorative pillows of living room furniture and bedding with unusual accents. Think burnt amethyst, orange, emerald, ruby and sapphire, and you’ll have a good idea of this trend in action.

Highlight and elevate spaces with splashes of dramatic, risky color and transform a room into a mood with the simple addition of a pillow or two.

10.  Recycle, reinvent, repurpose

woman with reinvented furnitures

There’s been a recent influx of computer-generated upholstery and environmentally friendly materials that blend vintage furnishings with cutting-edge technology. There’s a mix of interiors going on, with a look that bounces between nostalgia, minimalism and ecologically friendly styles with ease.

The future of interior design

woman drinking coffee while inhaling aroma scent from diffuser

Think of the upcoming trends in functional interior design as a response to the call of nature. The search for earthy colors, natural shapes, organic materials and sustainable designs is set to continue for some time yet.

Everyone is a lot more invested in rooting our day-to-day lives in the world of nature and investing our houses with a real sense of home.

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