Our Complete Guide to Lime Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses and Cautions

Zesty, fresh and filled with goodness, lime essential oil certainly deserves recognition for all the benefits it offers. The list of lime essential oil uses is a long one. It’s a wonderful way to boost your overall well-being, and its sharp scent will cheer you up and keep insects away. And those are just a few of its powerful properties.

Find out more about lime essential oil, its uses, properties and how it interacts with other medicines. It's always recommended that you know all about using an essential oil beforehand. This guide will ensure you have a wealth of knowledge and can use lime essential oil safely and in the most effective way.

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  • Relaxation
  • Infections
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  • Antimicrobial effects of lime essential oil - 2006, 2020
  • Lime oil and dental hygiene - 2018
  • Lime essential oil and muscle spasms - 2012
  • Limonene and stress - 2014
  • Lime and cardiovascular health - 2010, 2019, 2022
  • Lime for enlarged prostates - 2019
  • Insecticidal properties of lime essential oil - 2001, 2019
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  • What are lime essential oil uses?
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What is lime essential oil?

The essential oil in your lime diffuser blends has an aromatic, sweet essence obtained by cold-pressing and distilling the fruit peel, although it can also be obtained by steam distilling the leaves. West Indian limes, also known as Key limes, Mexican limes and other names, are used in the creation process. They are predominantly grown and harvested in the tropical climates of North and South America and of southern Europe, such as in Italy.

The lime commonly known in Europe and the Americas is a hybrid of kaffir lime and citron. Limes and their many benefits have been known to us for nearly 1500 years. They gained popularity during Alexander the Great’s era. British naval soldiers found it to be very helpful to treat scurvy which wreaked havoc on England’s ships. Otherwise known as a vitamin C deficiency, scurvy leads to anemia, exhaustion, pain in the limbs, swelling in the body, ulceration of the gums and the loss of teeth.

Lime essential oil contains compounds like limonene, β-pinene, geraniol, terpineol, linalool, citronellol, citronellal and others. These constituents help your body process the nutrients it needs efficiently, which is why users report looking and feeling so much better.

These days, lime oil is a popular choice for aromatherapy essential oils. It’s also widely used in cosmetics, home cleaning products and even perfumes.

Lime essential oil - quick facts

💚   Latin name: Citrus aurantiifolia

💚   Also known as: West Indian lime, Key lime, Mexican lime

💚   Countries of origin:  Southeast Asia

💚   Scent note: Top

💚   Annual production: 20 million metric tons of lemons and limes were produced in 2020

💚   Popular uses:  Skin care, cleansing, energy

How is lime essential oil made?

Lime essential oil is extracted from the fruit’s peel. Cold pressing, hydrodistillation or supercritical (CO2) extraction can be used to obtain lime essential oil from the rind. You can also find lime essential oil that has been extracted from the leaves via steam distillation.

Interestingly, lime oil that has been hydrodistilled or steam distilled is not phototoxic. However, cold pressing retains more of its beneficial active components.

Alternatively, a screw press can be used where the oil is extracted along with the juice. Centrifuging the juice can then separate the two, or it can then undergo steam distillation.

Benefits of lime essential oil

Lime essential oil is famous for its cheerful, energizing, fresh aroma. Folklore tells us that it can cleanse, purify, and renew the mind, spirit and aura.

 In terms of physical benefits, lime essential oil uses include:

  • 💚    Skin care
  • 💚    Hair care and dandruff
  • 💚    Dental hygiene
  • 💚    Relaxation
  • 💚    Infections
  • 💚   Cleaning
  • 💚    Repelling insects

Let’s take a deeper look at these lime oil benefits.

Lime oil for skin

Similar to orange oil, lime oil contains vitamin C which boosts collagen production, resulting in toned and more youthful-looking skin. Working as a tonic and as an anti-aging antioxidant, it may prevent the appearance of aging, including fighting age spots (aka sunspots) and wrinkles.

 Lime oil also works against various bacteria that infect the skin, including S. epidermis, S. aureus and others, keeping your skin clean and clear and reducing the risk of skin infections.

Lime oil for dandruff

Adding lime oil to your hair care routine might be a natural solution to dealing with a dandruff problem. Dandruff is often caused by yeast or fungus and results in an itchy, flaky scalp. Lime has powerful antifungal and yeast-fighting effects to help reduce your dandruff and improve the health of your scalp.

Lime oil for dental hygiene

woman looking at the mirror smiling

Sailors knew that citrus fruits rich in vitamin C would help them ward off scurvy. It also strengthens gums’ grip on the teeth which works to protect them from falling out. However, lime oil also kills the main types of bacteria that cause tooth decay, periodontal disease and cavities.

Lime oil for relaxation

woman focused on working while inhaling essential oil

Lime has antispasmodic activity, helping your muscles under involuntary control to relax when stressed. This is good for muscle spasms, digestion, headaches, blood vessels and more. Lime oil also has mild sedative and motor relaxant effects, meaning it can help you calm down, relax and improve your sleep.

Lime oil for infections

woman focused on working while inhaling essential oil

Lime oil has potent antibacterial, antifungal and anti-yeast effects, making it useful for skin, scalp and nail infections. It also reduces biofilm formation.

Lime oil for cleaning

Since lime oil has powerful antimicrobial effects, it has even been suggested for further study as a cleaning agent in hospitals where drug-resistant bacteria are prominent. Use it in your home in your DIY cleaning products to feel good about how clean, fresh and natural your home smells.

Lime oil for repelling insects

woman focused on working while inhaling essential oil

Using lime oil around your home might prove effective in keeping mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches away, as it’s an effective insecticide.

How to use lime essential oil

The way you use lime essential oil depends on what your purpose for it is. Your options include:

  • 💚   Aromatherapy massage
  • 💚   Inhalation
  • 💚   Pillow mist
  • 💚   Topical application

Let’s find out how and why to use lime essential oil in these different ways.

Aromatherapy massage with lime oil

Lime essential oil contains limonene, a powerfully cleansing antioxidant. When applied to the skin as part of an aromatherapy massage, limonene promotes easier absorption of nutrients all while giving your skin a great clean.

You may find that, with regular aromatherapy massage, lime essential oil lightens and reduces the appearance of acne, dark spots, scars and wrinkles.

It’s also a great way to help you destress and relax.

Inhalation of lime essential oil

Inhale or diffuse lime oil to help with congestion and cold and flu symptoms due to its ability to help relax smooth muscles. Its powerful ability to kill germs makes it a great preventative to avoid illness, too. Diffusing lime may also help ward off insects from your home.

While lime diffuser blends can help you relax and destress, being a citrus oil, lime can also help boost your mood and energy levels when needed.

Inhale the oil according to your own comfort levels, directly from the bottle or by putting a few drops on your hands. Inhalation using an aromatherapy diffuser is the best way to fill your home or space with lime’s numerous benefits.

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Pillow mist with lime oil

woman enjoying aroma scent from diffuser

Citrus scents do different things to different people. They help many to fall asleep more easily, but others get energized by the bright, fresh scent. Do some experimenting to find out how you personally react to lime essential oil’s aroma. If it makes you feel calmer, combining it with distilled water in a spray bottle to create a pillow mist before bedtime is a wonderful way to wind down.

This same spray bottle can be used as a DIY cleaner, killing bacteria and mold around your kitchen, bathroom, home or car. And while you’re at it, spraying lime mist around your home is the best way to keep insects out of your home!

Topical application of lime oil

woman enjoying aroma scent from diffuser

Lime essential oil can be used to improve the condition of the skin with topical application, boosting collagen, fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation and killing any bacteria or fungus on your skin, scalp or nails.

To use lime oil in this way, simply add a few drops to your favorite lotions, face creams, shampoo, conditioner or carrier oil and apply the mix directly to the problem area. If using a carrier oil on the face or acne-prone skin, be sure to use a non-comedogenic oil (meaning it won’t clog your pores) like jojoba oil or grapeseed oil.

If you want to use lime oil for oral hygiene to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of cavities, you could add a drop to your toothpaste or mouthwash, or make your own DIY toothpaste or mouthwash with lime essential oil.

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Lime essential oil research

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Scientific research tells us that a lot of what has been long believed about lime essential oil uses is based on fact. The following studies have revealed many interesting results, along with some newer and exciting uses.

Antimicrobial effects of lime essential oil - 2006, 2020

Lime has been extensively studied for its antimicrobial effects. In a study of toenail fungus caused by various pathogens, a topical blend that included lime essential oil was applied over the course of a year, and 78% of patients saw complete resolution of their toenail fungus.

Among 21 essential oils, lime oil was highlighted among three essential oils that had the most widespread antimicrobial activity against E. coli, K. pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, P. vulgaris, Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus, common strains that infect humans.

Lime oil and dental hygiene - 2018

An in-vitro study found that lime peel and lime leaf essential oils were effective against Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus casei, the two primary culprits of tooth decay and periodontal disease. It also displayed antibacterial activity against all studied cavity-causing bacteria.

Lime essential oil and muscle spasms - 2012

This research showed that pressed lime oil has antispasmodic activity and can significantly reduce muscle spasms in smooth muscle under autonomic control. This shows how lime can help the body with relaxation and stress.

Limonene and stress - 2014

A study on rats found that the d-limonene compounds that lime essential oil is known to be high in can help when dealing with stress. This is excellent news for our physical health as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. Stress has been proved to have a serious effect on our health when it becomes unmanageable.

Lime and cardiovascular health - 2010, 2019, 2022

Who knew that lime was amazing for cardiovascular health? When administered orally or injected, lime essential oil has been shown to prevent weight gain in mice, reduce narrowing of the arteries, and in rats over 8 weeks, lime essential oil reduced total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, reduced obesity and improved their fatty liver.

Lime for enlarged prostates - 2019

In rat models of testosterone-induced benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), a common condition most men deal with as they age, the effects of injected lime essential oil were compared against those of finasteride, a common BPH medication.

Both lime essential oil and finasteride reduced prostate size and levels of PSA (prostate specific antigen), increased antioxidant status and improved the condition of the testes, liver and kidneys, showing that lime worked as well as finasteride for enlarged prostates.

Insecticidal properties of lime essential oil - 2001, 2019

When sprayed around a room, lime essential oil has been shown to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches and houseflies after an hour. In a more recent study, lime oil killed mosquito eggs the most potently but also killed mosquito larvae and mature insects at higher doses.

Other interesting benefits of lime essential oil - 2018

In a review of various citrus essential oils, in addition to the previously discussed benefits, lime essential oil has also shown anti-inflammatory activity, has been traditionally used for arthritis and for respiratory infections and inflammation such as colds, flu, asthma and bronchitis, and it may also be helpful in cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Side effects of lime essential oil

Lime essential oil has minimal side effects, but there are a few you should take note of just to err on the side of caution.

Cold-pressed lime oil can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so use it with care if you’re outdoors for longer periods. This property means that you could suffer from sunburn more easily and your skin could blister or form a rash. However, steam or hydrodistilled lime oil doesn’t have these effects, so if you’re unsure, you can check with the manufacturer.

While lime oil has a multitude of research for the benefits of ingesting lime essential oil, and while it is used in food and drinks, at volant we do not recommend the ingestion of essential oils. If you are interested in the benefits that come with ingesting lime essential oil, seek proper medical supervision and advice first.

Contraindications of lime essential oil

When you want to start using lime oil for skin, we recommend that you consult your medical practitioner first. This is even more important if you’re pregnant, nursing or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Avoid sun exposure after you’ve applied lime oil topically and dilute well before use. Avoid contact with the eyes and limit use in children under the age of seven.

It’s also a good idea to avoid using lime oil if you have any kind of citrus allergy. The best way to make sure you aren’t prone to any type of reaction is to do a patch test on a smaller area of your skin before you apply it to larger areas.

Before you start enjoying lime diffuser blends, bear in mind that citrus oils are not recommended for pet owners. They can have a toxic effect on dogs, cats and birds.

Where to buy lime essential oil

It’s easier than ever to benefit from the many lime essential oil uses because high-quality versions of this product are so widely available. Whether you choose to make your purchases online or at a brick-and-mortar store, you shouldn’t struggle to find the oil you want.

The downside to this increased availability is that the quality of lime oil can vary hugely from one vendor to the next, especially since there are so many ways it can be processed. Luckily, by taking careful note of what goes into your essential oil as per the ingredients list, you can avoid wasting your money on second-class products.


Volant’s diffusers, essential oils and oil sets are all produced using only the best possible plants and products. This is why our customers are always guaranteed 100% pure, organic essential oils that are free of any additives or synthetic ingredients. Our Energy Essential Oil Blend contains energizing grapefruit, bright lime, invigorating bergamot, and refreshing amyris and is a fantastic way to start your day or help you re-energize if you’ve hit a lull.

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Amazon works as a marketplace which allows vendors to make their essential oils available to that many more people. With hundreds of options to choose from, it’s important to take note of ingredient lists and reviews when you purchase lime diffuser blends or essential oils this way. 


Its many physical benefits mean that your local pharmacy may well stock lime essential oil. Once again, take careful note of the ingredients list to make sure you don’t buy an extract by accident.


doTERRA manufactures many organic essential oils, including lime. You can purchase lime oil for skin from doTERRA with complete confidence.

Lime essential oil FAQs

What are lime essential oil uses?

The chemical components in lime oil contribute to its many benefits, including cleansing, invigorating, destressing and purifying properties. You can use lime to enhance skin, scalp, nail and dental health, clean your home, ward off insects, re-energize or relax.

What are the benefits of lime oil?

We recommend using lime essential oil during the flu season, and it’s also excellent for skin and hair. Use it to uplift your mood while it purifies the air.

Can I use lime oil for skin?

Yes. It soothes inflammation, has anti-aging effects and can help treat skin, nail or scalp bacterial or fungal infections. Lime oil cleans affected areas, allowing skin to restore itself.

What essential oils does lime blend well with?

Many, as evidenced by the popularity of lime diffuser blends. Experiment yourself with citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, neroli and rosemary.

Can I use lime essential oil on my face?

Yes. Just make sure the oil is properly diluted and you aren’t sensitive to it. It may prove very helpful in dealing with acne and other inflammatory or bacterial-related skin conditions.

In summary

The fact that many lime essential oil uses are not just folklore but scientifically proven makes this a popular product. Lime oil has been heavily researched and has shown to be somewhat or a wonder product. Whether you want to relax, get an energy boost, or improve your skin tone and overall health, or ward off germs or insects, it’s a wonderful option.

 When you’re ready to start using lime essential oil, make sure you select a reputable supplier. Volant proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients to create our essential oils, so when you buy from us, you know you’re getting the finest possible product. We’re also here to help if you have any questions or queries. Email support@volantaroma.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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