volant organic lavender essential oil that promotes relaxation and better sleep
organic lavender
volant organic lavender essential oil bottle packaging that promotes relaxation and better sleep
volant white diffuser using organic lavender essential oil promoting relaxation and better sleep
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Organic Lavender Essential Oil

A soft flower garden  |  10 ml

Sleep aid Relaxation Stress-relief

Organic Lavender is herbaceous and floral. Because of its balancing and calming properties, lavender is perfect for your evening routine, suiting the beauty routine with its antibacterial benefits and ensuring a good night's sleep.

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Best Uses

Better Sleep

Diffuse Lavender in your bedroom 30 minutes before bedtime to ensure a good night's sleep.

Frisky Spray

Mix 25 drops of Lavender Essential Oil with water in a spray bottle to freshen up the air, your mattress or your car.

Evening Routine

Add a few drops of Lavender to your pillow before bedtime to fall asleep faster

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