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organic cedarwood
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volant white diffuser using organic cedarwood essential oil for home scenting and relaxation
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Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

A comforting environment  |  10 ml

Relaxing Skincare Reduce anxiety

Organic Cedarwood is calming and sweet. It will make your home a cosy and welcoming place. It will make you feel calm and give you the courage to do the things you want. It is a “feel good”-aroma and is best diffused when you want to slow down and recharge.

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Best Uses

Relaxing atmosphere

Diffuse Cedarwood Essential Oil to get a grooming and relaxing atmosphere in your home or cabin.


Blend a few drops of Cedarwood to your favorite carrier oil and massage into your skin to moister and cleanse.

Evening chill

Diffuse in the evening to create a natural and warming transition to dawn.

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