Swell advice: Essential oils for inflammation

Did you know that essential oils have been used to treat aches and pains since at least 6500 BC? So, if you start using essential oils for inflammation, you’ll be taking part in a tradition that goes back over 8000 years!
Swell advice: Essential oils for inflammation

Sore backs, stiff necks, swollen legs, puffy fingers… All of these conditions can make life unpleasant, or at worse, debilitating. But with essential oils, you can reduce and treat inflammation in a natural way.

If you want to bid farewell to swelling, smarting, soreness and all the other effects of inflammation, this guide can help.


woman inhaling directly from essential oil bottle

Once you’ve found the best essential oil for inflammation for your specific needs, you can also smell it directly from the bottle for fast-acting effects. Just ensure that your skin doesn’t come into contact with the concentrated oil.

Carefully open the bottle, place it under your nose, and inhale deeply three times.

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