volant organic rosemary essential oil for hair growth
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volant organic rosemary essential oil bottle packaging for hair growth
volant grey diffuser using organic rosemary essential oil to relieve stress and relax
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Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Release your stressful feelings  |  10 ml

Mental clarity Mood booster Memory enhancement

Organic Rosemary is sharp and strong. Due to its stimulating and stress releasing properties it is your best friend during stressful periods when you need to get things done. It is best diffused when you feel overwhelmed with work or exams.

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Best Uses

In the zone

Diffuse Rosemary when you need a sharp mind for work or school.

Start your day

Add a few drops of Rosemary in the shower to get a fresh start of the day.

Get creative

Diffuse Rosemary to help you solve difficult and complex problems.

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