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  • Interview - Jen Shepherd

    Jen Shepherd is on a mission to make aromatherapy part of your daily life. She wants you to recognise that some scents do a whole lot more than just smell good. They can boost your well-being in ways you didn’t even realise.

  • Interview - Lorrie Hargis

    We sat down with Lorrie to ask her about the possibilities of essential oils. And all we can say is her answers were enlightening.

  • Interview - Jo Kellett

    It’s been said that the first rule of show business is to get off the stage while people still want more. Luckily for the world of aromatherapy, Jo Kellet followed this advice and left the entertainment industry to start exploring essential oils.

  • Interview - Sharon Falsetto Chapman

    To find out more about what inspires Sharon Falsetto Chapman and to delve a little deeper into her journey with aromatherapy, we asked her a series of questions. Her answers give us a more personal glimpse into her work and life and the incredible role that essential oils play in it.