A complete guide to aromatherapy sprays

A complete guide to aromatherapy sprays

Aromatherapy is the medicinal use of essential oils to enhance our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. Its practice can relax or energize you, enhance the quality of your sleep, soothe tension, calm your mind and promote healing, to name just a few of its benefits. It’s also becoming increasingly respected in scientific circles.

The professional medical community is starting to take the inherent health value of essential oils seriously. More and more research is confirming what people have long said about them: that they have the power to help, heal and enhance our lives.

But how do you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home?

The answer is simple.

You can use essential oils topically or in a diffuser, or you can use aromatherapy sprays. The short bursts of mists from these sprays can be used to spritz your body, hair, furniture, pillows and general environment, allowing the oils to do their work while you get on with your daily life.

You can purchase high-quality premixed mists from Volant or you can learn how to make aromatherapy sprays at home. They can successfully be used to help with a variety of conditions and will leave whatever room you’ve spritzed them in smelling wonderful.

Use essential oil room sprays to unwind, get ready for your day, treat the blues, lift your spirits or cheer up your surroundings. You can even use an essential oil bug spray to avoid getting harassed by insects!

If you’d like to learn more about spritzing your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle with essential oils, this guide tells you everything you need to know.