volant organic roman chamomile essential oil skin impurities like acne
organic roman chamomile
volant organic roman chamomile essential oil bottle packaging skin impurities like acne
volant white diffuser using organic roman chamomile essential oil with calming and relaxation effect
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Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Brings warmth and gentleness  |  10 ml

Skincare Relax mind & body Reduce muscular tension

Organic Roman Chamomile is calming and gentle. It will relax both the body and mind and are perfect for when you wind down your day. Use it in the evening to set a calming atmosphere before you go to bed. Use it on your skin with a carrier oil to inspire calm and relaxation. 

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Best Uses

Wind down your day

Diffuse Roman Chamomile Essential Oil when you want to sooth your mood or wind down your day.

Bed routine

Diffuse Roman Chamomile during your evening routine or when you go to bed to set the mood for a good night sleep.

Beauty routine

Add a few drops of Roman Chamomile to your skincare routine to inspire relaxation and calm. Blends well with Jojoba carrier oil.

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