The Best Essential Oils for Flu Season

Flu season is everyone’s least favorite time of the year. When it rolls around again it’s hard to avoid those dreaded germs that seem to be everywhere.

The Best Essential Oils for Flu Season

When you get the flu, the best option in most cases is to raise your levels of self-care, get lots of rest and fluids and wait for the virus to work its way out of your system. But while you’re waiting for your illness to run its course, there are ways that you can reduce or alleviate the symptoms and give your body a boost to help fight it off.

Using essential oils for flu season is one of nature’s best defenses. Many essential oils have wonderful properties that may alleviate your symptoms, reduce fatigue and headaches and clear your nasal passages. Certain essential oils have antiviral benefits that can help make flu season more bearable too.

If you want to fight back in flu season and give your boy the best chance of a speedy recovery, this guide can help. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about which essential oils are must-haves for your medicine cabinet and the benefits they offer.


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