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Treat your mind and body with the best summer essential oils

Summer is the perfect season to reset and rejuvenate your body, and essential oils are the ideal way to get started. Choosing the right summer essential oils can help you to get into the swing of summer, boosting your spirits and energising you so you can make the most of the longer, warmer days.

However, finding the perfect essential oils for summer can feel overwhelming. Don’t panic: we have all the information you’ll need to find the perfect summer essential oils to give both your mind and your body the boost you want!

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Best summer essential oils

During the summer months, you need essential oils which rejuvenate, refresh and enliven your mind, body and senses. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best summer essential oils to keep by your side all summer long.

Geranium, grapefruit, lavender, orange and peppermint are all the aromas you need in your home and on your body this season. You’ll find that these scents radiate a natural and original freshness to those around you, whilst inspiring you to stay energised and motivated in the heat.

Here’s why these are our top five essential oils for summer:

1.  Geranium essential oil

With geranium’s sweet floral aroma, it’s the quintessential summer scent you’ve been looking for, regardless of whether you’re jetting off on vacation or enjoying a peaceful staycation.

With its unique versatility, a few drops of geranium essential oil go a long way and can be used in many different ways. For example, geranium oil is known for its ability to keep skin looking and feeling its best throughout the summer months. This makes geranium essential oil perfect for rehydrating sun-kissed skin after a long day of UV exposure. However, be sure to mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil before applying it to your skin.

If you’re looking for an essential oil to give you a fresh aroma whilst at the beach, try adding two drops of geranium oil to your beach towel for a crisp and vibrant aroma that will last all day. You’ll feel fresh all day long, even with the sea breeze in your hair!

volant organic geranium essential oil for relaxation and hair growth
volant organic geranium essential oil for relaxation and hair growth
organic geranium flower
volant organic geranium essential oil bottle packaging for relaxation and hair growth
volant grey diffuser using organic geranium essential oil for relaxation and calmness

Organic Geranium Essential Oil

11 €

2. Grapefruit essential oil

For the ultimate energy boost, grapefruit essential oil is ideal. This uplifting scent helps to awaken and sharpen the senses, giving you the summer lift that you crave. Even when the sun isn’t shining, the invigorating aroma of grapefruit will transport your mind, causing you to feel charged and restored.

Mixed with distilled water, this handy oil can be sprayed anywhere and everywhere that needs a vitalising lift. You might choose to use this spritz first thing in the morning to prepare your mind and body for the busy summer day ahead or mid-afternoon to refresh yourself.

With its sweet, summery scent, it’s hard not to feel lively, joyous and bright when the fragrant scent of grapefruit fills your home, workplace or holiday accommodation.

volant organic grapefruit essential oil to relieve stress and rich with antimicrobial properties
volant organic grapefruit essential oil to relieve stress and rich with antimicrobial properties
organic grapefruit slices
volant organic grapefruit essential oil bottle packaging to relieve stress and rich with antimicrobial properties
volant clay diffuser using organic grapefruit essential oil to relieve stress

Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

10 €

3. Lavender essential oil

Best known for its calming and relaxing aroma, lavender essential oil is the go-to for relaxing summer nights in the garden. Whether you’re enjoying your favourite book, having friends over or simply taking in the fresh evening air, lavender essential oil makes the perfect accompaniment.

If you’re hoping to bring last year’s garden furniture back to life, try spritzing your outdoor cushions with lavender oil mixed with rubbing alcohol. This will help to surround your outdoor space with a universally appealing scent everyone will love.

Don’t have a garden? Lavender oil is the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your living space, enabling you to immerse yourself in the aromas of the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Add 20-25 drops of lavender oil to your diffuser and sit back as your body simmers down from the hustle of everyday life and the long summer days.

volant organic lavender essential oil that promotes relaxation and better sleep
volant organic lavender essential oil that promotes relaxation and better sleep
organic lavender
volant organic lavender essential oil bottle packaging that promotes relaxation and better sleep
volant white diffuser using organic lavender essential oil promoting relaxation and better sleep

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

9 €

4. Orange essential oil

Organic sweet orange essential oil is great for the skin, muscles and joints, helping you to smile from the inside! We all know that exercise is good for us, but that doesn’t mean our muscles don’t ache and cramp after a good workout, especially in the heat.

You can help your body to keep going by showing it the care that it deserves by massaging your muscles and joints each evening. Simply mix orange essential oil with your favourite carrier oil and massage it into areas that are sore or tender. This way, you’ll feel revived, ready to take on the following day, because we understand that summer can be non-stop with activities.

Not only will orange oil help to soothe aches and pains, but it is also fantastic for smoothing skin, particularly in oily areas. The orange oil will help relieve the skin of sticky, leftover residue from sun lotions which can leave the skin feeling clogged.

As orange oil is photosensitive, it’s best to reap its benefits and apply during the evening so the skin has time to fully absorb the oil before the next day of sun exposure. It’s the perfect after-shower treat for your skin, before heading down for a delicious evening meal.

volant organic sweet orange essential oil for fresh home scent
volant organic sweet orange essential oil for fresh home scent
sweet orange fruit sliced
volant organic sweet orange essential oil bottle packaging for fresh home scent
volant clay diffuser using organic sweet orange essential oil for fresh home scent

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

8 €

5. Peppermint essential oil

So much more than just a Christmas-time scent, peppermint is a delightful aroma that has been proven to improve focus and concentration, stimulating the brain to function optimally. With these fascinating qualities, peppermint is the ideal oil to use in your home office to inspire original and inventive ideas. When the days are long and hot, peppermint creates a cooling and refreshing sensation, helping you to work at your best for longer.

Alternatively, peppermint is a popular choice for freshening up your morning shower routine. By adding 15 drops to the bottom of your morning shower, you can bring the spa experience to your home every single day, preparing you for the day ahead. Not only that, but when humidity and temperatures are high, the restorative peppermint aroma offers a refreshing breathing experience, enabling you to breathe deeply with a feeling of freedom.

volant organic peppermint essential oil to keep mosquitoes away
volant organic peppermint essential oil to keep mosquitoes away
organic peppermint leaves
volant organic peppermint essential oil bottle packaging to keep mosquitoes away
volant white diffuser using organic peppermint essential oil to keep mosquitoes away

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

10 €

How to use essential oils in summer

There are endless ways to use essential oils in summer to enliven both your mind and your body. Here are just a few of our favourite ways to keep you feeling fresh and energised all summer long.

Refresh your mind

Whatever your summer scent, you can add your favourite essential oils to your diffuser to give your space an enriching and uplifting aroma throughout the day. You can also try adding two drops to your beach or bathroom towels, freshly washed bedding or outfit, giving you a powerful summer scent that you can’t help but love.

To prepare your mind for the day ahead, add 15 drops of your favourite essential oil to the base of your shower. This will create a home spa experience that gives you energy and kick starts your day for optimum productivity.

Nourish your skin

Summer is the perfect time to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends, to jet off to an exotic beach or enjoy an ice cream at your local park. However, all of this extra sun exposure means that we need to give our skin more love, care and attention.

It’s easy to take a back seat and let your skin become dry, but it’s even easier to develop a straightforward and organic skin care routine to help you feel your best, even when the holidays are over!

Geranium essential oil is amazing for leaving your skin glowing and silky-smooth even throughout the summer. Just add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage into the skin for a whole-body reboot that will leave your skin feeling as soft as a newborn baby’s.

Using essential oils regularly on your skin can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. Not only that, but your skin will be left with a captivating aroma that lasts all day – what more could you ask for?

Treat your hair

It’s great to be able to soak up some rays in the summer, but it’s important to be mindful of our hair when doing so in order to prevent any lasting damage or unwanted tinting. It’s not as difficult as you might think to care for your hair in the summer.

Did you know that you can create a luxurious DIY beach hair spray using essential oils to help you stay on top of your hair care routine easily whilst enjoying the sun?

Simply mix 5 drops of rosemary essential oil with two tablespoons of your favourite hair conditioner and some warm water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture thoroughly throughout your hair, particularly before entering the water, to give your hair enhanced protection from the sun and harsh pool chemicals.

At the same time as protecting your precious hair from chlorine, salt water and UV rays, this essential oil hair spray offers numerous benefits including acting as a detangler, helping to give gorgeous beach waves and hydrating your locks, all whilst giving your hair a sumptuous aroma.

To sum up

Essential oils are your best friend this summer to keep both your mind and body revitalised and energised. Try mixing some of your own essential oil blends with carrier oils to treat your hair and body this summer. Not only that, but you can also treat your home and garden to a boost to enjoy the aromas of summer whenever and wherever you choose.

When you choose Volant essential oils, you can enjoy combining different aromas to find your own original summer scent that works for you. You can rest assured that when you choose Volant, you’re using vegan, pure, certified organic and synthetic-free oils that you know are safe for you, those around you and the environment.

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