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  • Can you gift essential oils? 6 ideas for aromatherapy gifts

    It’s that time of year when you’re probably beginning to consider the best gifts for those special people in your life. You might be looking for something unique, with personality and meaning, because you want them to know just how much you care for them.

  • Life, Art and Essential Oils: An Interview With Yukiko Noritake

    What do you get when you mix a passion for art with a love of essential oils? We think the work of Yukiko Noritake speaks for itself.

  • Transform the sauna with essential oils

    Using essential oils in the sauna is popular, and here you will learn how to use essential oils to enhance your sauna experience.

  • Get Rid of Stress and Relax with Aromatherapy

    If you're stressed, doing mindfulness, massage, and yoga may help you. Studies show that also aromatherapy can have a significant impact on your wellbeing.

  • Treat your mind and body with the best summer essential oils

    Summer is the perfect season to reset and rejuvenate your body, and essential oils are the ideal way to get started. Choosing the right summer essential oils can help you to get into the swing of summer, boosting your spirits and energising you so you can make the most of the longer, warmer days.

  • How are essential oils made?

    Essential oils are concentrated extracts that are taken directly from plants. Each essential oil has its own unique range of benefits and uses, from improving mood and easing depression to fighting infections and killing bacteria. This makes essential oils a valuable tool in promoting natural health and wellbeing. But how are essential oils made?
  • Spa-Inspired Essential Oils - Tips for Serene Scents

    There’s nothing more calming than the aroma that hits you as you step into a spa. As soon as you walk through the doors, you feel the stress lift from your shoulders as your worries dissolve and your mind slips into serenity. Wouldn’t you love to have that feeling in your own home?
  • Five amazing facts you didn’t know about aromatherapy oils

    Essential oils have many different uses, from freshening up your home and making it smell great, to inducing relaxation and alleviating symptoms of some chronic conditions. However, many people fail to realise just how extensive the benefits of aromatherapy oils are and how long they have been used across the world. 
  • Top 18 Aromatherapy Experts You Must Follow in 2021

    Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. People are turning to aromatherapy now more than ever as a way of healing from stress, pain, and illness. Here we will share with you 18 experts in aromatherapy that you must follow for the best tips on how to care for your health using essential oils. 
  • How can essential oils improve your sleep?

    If you’re looking for a natural way to improve the quality of your sleep, essential oils could be the perfect solution. 
  • How to make your home smell the way you want!

    Preference to scents depends on personal taste. Whether you are looking for a clean aroma for the kitchen or a relaxing scent for the living room, these are the essential oils you need.
  • Scents for the bathroom

    Every homeowner wants a fresh and pleasant-smelling bathroom. After all, no one wants to think that their guests might have a negative impression of their bathroom!